Like unfiltered water, technology builds character

Blog Post created by sarah.nguyen Employee on Oct 29, 2015

The evidence is mostly based off of secondary schooling but there's still good support for us LaunchPadders and Flipit-ists in yesterday's article from Ed Week Teachers: Technology Isn't Bad for Students. In Fact, It's Character Building.

With self-paced programs in which content is dictated by the progress of the individual user, for example, students aren’t forced to move on to new online lessons as they might be in a regular class lesson. So they get the choice to take their time and coast through lessons or work diligently to excel through. The learners have the ultimate control, and thus they develop self-awareness of their work and ownership of their learning.

^^ FlipIt and LearningCurve are "self-paced programs" and honestly, I could've used much more "self-awareness" of my "work and ownership of [my] learning" back in the day. So much more.

Whether it’s the software or the hardware, they need to learn how to navigate such issues. At first, students will immediately ask for help in addressing technical problems. But as they observe more and more issues get resolved, they figure out how the systems work and develop the courage to try problem solving themselves. They figure out that they can try some tricks (refreshing a page or restarting the system, to name a couple) and see if their hypotheses work.
^^ Can we spin interactions with Tech Support to be a problem-solving learning experience? e.g. How did that phone call with the tech support agent relate to deriving the deadweight loss of city bike share programs?


- SN