Heather Halter

Tech Tuesday: A New LaunchPad for Your Pocket

Blog Post created by Heather Halter Employee on May 14, 2019

When A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking came out in its 6th edition last fall, its LaunchPad got so much more than just a refresh. It’s a totally revamped experience for your students! Let’s check out all of the new features...


So that students can do all course work in one place, there is now an e-book built into LaunchPad for online reading. Or, if students do not have access to the Internet, they can read the mobile-friendly downloadable e-book.


Having an e-book in LaunchPad for Pocket Guide also means that our LearningCurve adaptive quizzing now has interactive links to the readings, rather than simply page numbers, as in the previous edition.


We have a whole slew of new video options in this edition! Each Part from the book has its own video in LaunchPad that shows the concepts from the chapters in action. In addition to a new full-length sample speech, “Going Carbon Neutral on Campus” in chapter 22, we also have the “Needs Improvement” version of the speech, so students can see a shining example and a what-not-to-do example of the same presentation, to allow for comparing and contrasting. As always, the speech video is cut into small chunks as well, to highlight particular aspects such as the introduction, source citation, and delivery styles.


Lastly, LaunchPad for the 6th edition of A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking comes with our video assessment program powered by GoReact. Speeches can be recorded right into LaunchPad through the website or through a mobile app, and then can be assessed using time-based comments, markers, and rubrics. You can see our COMMunity post on video assessment here: https://community.macmillan.com/community/communication/blog/2019/02/05/tech-tuesdays-video-assessment-program

If you’d like a personal tour of LaunchPad, sign up for a session with me, your Learning Solutions Specialist: https://www.macmillanlearning.com/Catalog/support.aspx