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Elizabeth Allen
In my Psy 201 Class we are using the online Macmillan Book to do our studies, I still have one more activity I have to do. But it is saying that it is past due for March 15th. Is there anyway we can fix this please. It is due on Monday!. It is activity #9.
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Jessica Crupper
I am having issues using capital letters when needing to answer questions on a quiz. I tried all the "how to's" before reaching out for help.   For example: 2Na When I type that out it turns out like 2na, that is not correct.   Please advise, Jessica
in Support Community Home
jaime becker
I am trying to type in chemical formulas which are case sensitive. I put caps lock on and type letters nut they only appear as lowercase. I am also unable to input the plus sign. I've uninstalled and reinstalled adobe flash drive. I've switched computers. How can I fix this issue.
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cristina Ramirez
lost the paper with my access code, how can i switch term on the launchpad?
in Support Community Home
Brittany dobson
Right after I entered my access code I opened the email to confirm everything I hit link to access my Ebook and the page said trying to access a course not active. help have other classes I need to work on today.
in Support Community Home
Abdul-Haqq Agness
I am attempting to do a section of my homework and no content comes up. Why can't I see my homework ? 
in Support Community Home
How can I open the questions using the Samsung Galaxy tablet? I can open the question page, but there are no questions.
in Support Community Home
Donald Matheus
How can I create an End-of-Year final using questions from each chapter?
in Support Community Home
Jenna Linxwiler
When I click on the homework questions nothing comes up so I can't complete my assignment.  It is due tonight and I need to get it done. 
in Support Community Home
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