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After nearly twenty years as the most widely used program assessment solution in higher education, we are excited to announce the Assessment and Impact Award. This recognition was created to highlight programs who are effectively using program assessments to improve outcomes.  The following four institutions’ housing programs were awarded:


  • John Carroll University in Ohio for high performance related to personal interactions
  • Southwest Oregon Community College for significant improvement related to student staff
  • University of North Carolina at Charlotte for significant improvement related to diverse interactions
  • University of Tennessee at Knoxville for high performance related to student staff


Award recipients were selected using an evaluation process that included an analysis of multi-year assessment data as well as interviews and with housing and residence life leaders by members of the Benchworks Analytics and Research Team.


Be on the lookout for information on how to be considered for next year’s Assessment and Impact Award for housing and residence life programs at

Roompact and Skyfactor Benchworks are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration to explore how combining Benchworks' nationally-validated assessment, analytics and benchmarking with Roompact’s expertise in residential education and curricular software can help campuses gain deeper insights on their operations and students to empower continuous improvement.


Formerly known as EBI, Benchworks is a Macmillan Learning company that provides more than thirty student affairs assessments mapped to accreditation and professional standards: including Resident and Student Staff surveys that provide insights for departments of housing and residence life to improve their overall practice. Benchworks also offers a New Student Survey that helps identify student retention risk factors and provides opportunities for staff support and intervention.


Roompact, a residence life and education software and services company, provides departments of departments of housing and residence life with a variety of tools to aid staff members in improving their efficiency, and in tracking and assessing programs, services, and interventions with students throughout the academic year.  In addition to helping with operations, Roompact has a special emphasis and unique tools to aid in student learning, assessment, and residential curriculum development.


In the coming weeks researchers from Roompact and Benchworks will be conducting interviews and focus groups to gather feedback on the types of collaboration that may most benefit residence life professionals.


For more information visit: