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Exciting Summer/Fall 2019 Updates


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Manage distractions & mitigate multitasking in your classroom with new feature options, tailored to your technology choices. With the new iClicker Cloud 5.0 desktop software, all your in-class tools are in one place, which means more time for teaching. Getting started has never been this easy. See the onboarding improvements we’re making for Fall.



Classroom distractions have met their match.

Meet iClicker Focus and Remote-Only courses.


Getting the most out of valuable face-to-face time can be challenging with busy students multitasking and the various distractions in play during class time. So we’re introducing a few new features to manage classroom distractions this year, with flexible technology options that allow you to choose what’s right for your classroom.

iClicker Focus

Beta testing in Fall 2019, available January 2020

We know that many instructors would like the increased functionality that comes with a mobile student engagement app, but can have concerns about the use of mobile phones in the classroom. Enter iClicker Focus. With Focus, you can:


  • Reduce distractions & multitasking
  • Gain insight into engagement in your class
  • Promote student self-regulation behaviors


By Spring of 2020, instructors will have the option to designate any course to run as a “Focused Class” via their course settings and choose an allowed level of device usage. Focus provides insight for instructors and students around engagement in class via post-class reporting.


Focus Mode 1Focus Mode 2


Remote-Only Courses

Now live!

Now in iClicker Cloud, instructors have the choice to specify that students only use iClicker remotes in their course. Our new Remote-Only mode allows instructors to disable the use of mobile devices in the classroom - students, however, will still have access to all iClicker Reef data in their app.


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We’re rolling out the welcome mat.

Whether instructor or student, we’ve improved our processes to ensure that everyone has a smooth start.


Instructor Onboarding ImprovementsComing in August


This fall, iClicker begins the process of rolling out onboarding systems improvements. Our sights are set on making it even easier to control enrollments to match LMS rosters and, in the near future, for instructors to create courses in iClicker Cloud. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!


Student Onboarding ImprovementsComing in Fall

Students want easy, so we’re bringing it. We're improving the student onboarding experience, making it easier for students to sign up and get started in your course.

All Your Tools In One Place, More Time For Teaching

Starting a class session and running activities using iClicker is now quicker, easier, and more intuitive.

New Instructor Experience for iClicker Cloud





"What’s New in iClicker Cloud 5.0?"

Engage your students using the desktop software for in-class activities.

"The iClicker Cloud desktop software is your hub for in-class activities. Polling, quizzing, and attendance are streamlined into one, simplified toolbar. The desktop software contains all the you need to see your attendees, view participation, and grade your questions during class."

Sign-in to the instructor website to access course data, anytime, anywhere.

"Tasks commonly completed outside of class, such as roster management and grading past sessions, are now exclusively available at the instructor website. Links to these features are available within the desktop software."



Try it out!

Download the new iClicker Cloud 5.0


Note: Students using iClicker Reef on a mobile device should update to the most recent version of the app for the best experience. Students using iPhones are strongly encouraged to update to version 5.2.3 of iClicker Reef (released Feb 28).


iClicker Cloud 5.0 is a new, separate version of the desktop software. All users will need to download the Full version of 5.0 (even if you have already installed iClicker Cloud 4.6 or the Beta version of 5.0).


iClicker Cloud 5.0 is a required update for Fall 2019 courses. You’ll have until mid-August to make the switch, so you can continue using your current version of iClicker Cloud (4.6) for your summer courses.

Enhanced Grade Sync | Release 4.6


Support for Blackboard and Canvas available this Fall with more coming soon.

iClicker's easy-to-use multi-column grade sync experience provides instructors much more flexibility in setting up and syncing grades to their LMS. With this update, instructors will be able to sync grades for individual sessions or as a combined total, as well as sync session points rather than percentage.

5.0 Grade Sync



Changes to the Instructor Website | Release 5.0

Version 5.0 will launch exciting changes to the iClicker Cloud instructor website that are currently available in preview mode, including the ability to view or edit session details and grades from the new Session History section. Some of the significant updates include:

  • A simplified Gradebook will summarize grade totals only. Individual session details can still be accessed under Session History.
  • New Class Sessions will allow you to switch between polls and quizzes in a single session without prompting students to re-join your session. Class sessions will also be integrated with taking Attendance so you will no longer need to launch separate Attendance sessions. Simply start your class and Attendance will automatically run.

5.0 Class Started

5.0 History Scores

5.0 Gradebook

5.0 History Grading


All Activities... in One Session | Release 5.0

Polling, quizzing and attendance will soon be launched from a single iClicker Cloud session, making it easier for instructors to conduct in-class activities and for students to participate in polls, quizzes and attendance.

5.0 Courses

Simple, Elegant Instructor Interface | Release 5.0

We are excited to be developing a more modern and streamlined experience for instructors in both the desktop software and the instructor website. Set to go live in January 2019, the new user interface will launch a fresh design and improvements to window management so instructors can focus less on our software and more on in-class activities.

Expanded Student Study Capabilities


NEW! Digital flashcards

Students can easily create and curate flashcards around concepts they most need to practice and review to create a more focused, customized study experience, right from their mobile devices.


Flash cards In Phone


Modernized and streamlined instructor options


NEW! Run and manage polling session and class presentation from mobile devices

Instructors no longer have to be tethered to a desktop. Polling session and your presentation can be managed including monitoring and sharing results, tracking which students have responded and reviewing questions in the active polling session, all from a mobile device.

PLEASE NOTE: The iClicker Cloud Mobile instructor app requires iClicker Cloud 4.2.2 or newer

4.3 Release Instructor Mobile


PREVIEW! New elegant, modern instructor web experience

Instructors can preview the modern, streamlined navigation and design of the iClicker web experience going live for Fall 2018. Instructors can get a jumpstart on familiarizing themselves with the new, easy-to-use experience prior to the mandatory update for Fall courses.


4.3 Release Interface


Enhanced instructor communication with iClicker product team


NEW! Give Feedback button

When using the new modern, streamlined preview experience, instructors can provide direct feedback to the iClicker product team via the “Give Feedback” button in the left navigation bar making it even easier for instructors and technologists to provide insight and feedback on the iClicker experience.

4.3 Release Feedback


Improved accessibility for students and instructors

We continue to make steady progress to ensure that iClicker and its supporting applications are aligned to WCAG 2.0 accessibility standards as closely as possible. The March 2018 release includes numerous screen-reader and keyboard accessibility improvements to the instructor and student websites.


4.3 Release Accessibility