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James O'Rourke
I am attempting to access the course Starnes, The Practice of Statistics AP 4e, but I cannot due to a technical problem. No other information is provided. 
in The Math & Stats Community
Gillian Morrison
I was doing my practice assignment and I answered something wrong and it automatically popped up with an error message and said that I had to come to support if it didn't fix it my reloading it so how do I fix it or reload it?
in The Math & Stats Community
Tom DeMarco
When was the last time your homework did THIS?! Available for Spring 2018 courses! Read about Sapling Intro Stats
in The Math & Stats Community
Denise Vargas
I got the confirmation email but when I click on the Link it says invalid confirmation data. 
in The Math & Stats Community
Parker Palen
What do I do since I get a message saying System Error: please try again when trying to register after typing in my access code? 
in The Math & Stats Community
Kasey R
Has anyone done a pacing guide for Statistics and Probability with applications 3e? We are a trimester school, students will take on-level stats two of three trimesters. Each trimester is about 56-58 teaching days. 
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