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Tom DeMarco
When was the last time your homework did THIS?! Available for Fall 2018 courses! Read about Sapling Intro Stats
in The Math & Stats Community
Ryan Caleb
Hello Everyone,   In class, I am given to show that maximizing over x1 first and then maximizing over x2 for f(x1,x2) is the same as maximizing x2 first and then maximizing over x1 for f(x1,x2), assuming f(x1,x2) is always continuous. Graphically, this statement is apparent to me, because maximizing over x1 first for f(x1,x2) means to find a… (Show more)
in The Math & Stats Community
To whom it may concern;   I am a first-semester community college student. Due to a low score, I am in Basic Math. The reason for this is that I am 46 years old, and have forgotten some of the concepts due to lack of use. I was checking out the Math Community but found that the Math files were Linear Algebra and above. Do you have anything for a… (Show more)
in The Math & Stats Community
Kasey R
Has anyone done a pacing guide for Statistics and Probability with applications 3e? We are a trimester school, students will take on-level stats two of three trimesters. Each trimester is about 56-58 teaching days.