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Bethany Gordon
For this exercise, you will need a package of mini Dixie cups and toothpicks. Follow the steps for this exercise and follow up with a discussion of the experience. Students will find it not only amusing but also eye opening as they discover where their priorities lie.   Pass out one Dixie cup and one toothpick per student. Tell the students that…
Melanie McFadyen
Happy New Year!  While there's no telling yet all that 2018 will bring, we can tell you one thing that's coming...   A New Blog!   Photo obtained from    Same site, same format, but soon we'll be unveiling new blog posts from leaders in the College Success course - including our authors and instructors like yourself.   Speaking… (Show more)
Sonya Tiratsuyan
Join Macmillan at the 37th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience:   Macmillan Publishers Trade: Booth #41/42 Macmillan Learning (Academic): Booth #27/28 Skyfactor: Booth #30   Grand Hyatt San Antonio 600 East Market Street San Antonio, Texas 78205   See more here 37th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience®
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Students who engage in self-destructive behaviors are often unable to complete a college degree. Have students practice recognizing those self-destructive behaviors and the Emotional Intelligence Competencies that will help them change or overcome such behaviors.   1. Present students with the following list of Unsuccessful Student…
Kathy McInerney
With ten days left in November, there are likely many Wrimos scrambling to bring their NaNoWrimo submissions to a conclusion. If that sentence sounded like utter gibberish, here is a translation: November marks National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo), an annual creative writing project. Between November 1 and November 30, participants (dubbed… (Show more)
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Use this class exercise to give students practice preparing for common types of exam questions.   1. Ask each student to construct ten objective questions for one of the chapters you've covered in the course.   2. Have students test themselves using the questions they have constructed.   3. Follow up by having them make a list of the…
Melanie McFadyen
  How to Read Your Textbooks   Type: Television clip Topic(s): Speaking up in class, participating in class, listening critically Search Terms: teaching Dwight active listening Video Title: The Office Season 9 Episode 7; Teaching Dwight active listening Time (of video): 1:20 Posted by: Kevin Taylor Date Posted: November 1, 2013   Video…
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: This exercise helps students address conflicts as well as think about how they might pick a future roommate. If you use this exercise in class, you can be sure many of the students will be experiencing some of the conflicts listed and will be eager to hear possible solutions.   Activity 1: Working Together: Roommate Gripes  Residence hall…
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Have students work together to understand time management and design more time-efficient schedules for the next term.   Time: Ten minutes   In small groups, have your students share their current class schedules. Encourage them to exchange ideas on how to handle time-management problems effectively and to point out the challenges they see…
Melanie McFadyen
With the unseasonably warm weather this year, it's almost impossible to accept the fact that it's already Halloween. But whether or not you had time to put together a costume, there are still ways to have fun with your students today - like a class activity featuring candy or an impromptu costume contest. But what about your costume? Here are some… (Show more)
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