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Jennifer Bilello
ACES (Academic and Career Excellence System) is an online self-assessment developed to measure strengths in 12 critical areas, both cognitive and non-cognitive. Students take ACES at the beginning and end of their college success course, and by comparing these results, they’re able to celebrate areas of improvement and identify areas for future… (Show more)
Chelsea Simens
What goals do you have for your first-year program? For a quick, effective demo of ACES, our self-assessment tool that measures students' strengths and identifies opportunities for growth, check out this video overview from our Learning Solutions Specialist, Heather Halter.     If you'd like to learn more, schedule a one-on-one demo with…
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Melanie McFadyen
What did you think? Were you able to attend one of our events or stop by our booth in the Exhibitor Hall? Did you find inspiration and tools to take back with you to your classrooms? Share your experience with us here!
Andrea Brenner
by Andrea Brenner and Lara Schwartz   The transition from high school—and life at home—to college can be stressful for students and their families, and nothing in the college admissions process prepares students for it. Colleges are reporting an increase in underprepared first-year students at startling rates. How to College: What to Know Before… (Show more)
Heather Halter
Click to view contentThe semester is almost over, and it’s time to start wrapping up your college success course. Which means that now is the perfect time for your students to complete the ACES Progress Report found in most of our LaunchPad products.   Students will take the same inventory that they did at the start of the semester, and can provide a great insight… (Show more)
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Have your students practice writing and self-reflection while critically thinking about their study skills and how they could be improved.   Directions: Ask students to answer one or more of the following reflection questions in their journals. For the purposes of this activity, we've provided examples of reflection prompts that focus on…
Jamie Shushan
Click to view content“I am passionate about study skills, and I bet you’re wondering how that’s possible…”   I always start my classes this way and most students either laugh out loud or look at me in disbelief. Then I explain that I am passionate about study skills because they saved me. I struggled mightily my first and second years of college, especially in… (Show more)
Allen Cooper
Macmillan Learning has been a proud partner of many hundreds of first-year experience programs across the country, working to develop innovative textbook, courseware, and custom publishing solutions to support success and retention in higher education. From the John Gardner textbook program by the founder of the modern FYE course to groundbreaking…
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