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Melanie McFadyen
  Ask your students to write what they think their biggest challenge has been so far in starting college. This not only gives you a taste of their writing ability but also lets you know where their perceived weaknesses lie. If several students are concerned about the same thing, you will then know to focus extra attention on that topic. After the…
Travis Wilson
Does anyone know how I can purchase the online portion needed for my daughter for "A Pocket Guide to College Success"? I have purchased 3 copies of this book online now and NONE of them have come with the code needed to log in and work online. The front of the book promises that I can log into and purchase said course material… (Show more)
Melanie McFadyen
Fall may not mark the beginning of the calendar year, but it certainly presents an opportunity for growth and change with the beginning of the academic year. Think back to the end of the last semester, or the end of your last assignment – do you feel it went well? Is there something you wish you had done ahead of time to make things easier for… (Show more)
Desmonaye Brown
I completed the learning curve for genetics chapter 1 and 2 on LaunchPad way before it was due. After they were assigned, it didn’t show up as completed and it looks in my gradebook like I didnt complete the assignment at all. However, when I click on the learning Curves again it says that I have already completed the assignments.  How do i fix… (Show more)
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Create an open classroom environment and start a dialogue with your students about the course and methods for teaching and learning.   Time: 20-30 minutes   1. Write several prompts onto flip charts and hang them up around the classroom. Here are some examples of prompts you can use, though you may want to come up with your own:  "I learn…
Eli Johnson
I attempted to register for FlipItPhysics last night and after plugging in my email address, I never received the email that would allow me to register. I checked my spam and it was not there either. I went back to the site and attempted to register again but it said that the email had already been sent. I asked some of my classmates and many are… (Show more)
Grace Tarter
I go on to the school page and I have "HW1" and "HW2" I was able to complete HW1 earlier. I checked and the answers are in that I put in and I have a grade. Now, today August 25, 2017, I go on to the school page, get a notice saying that I do not have Flash Player installed (and I do, I checked on the website provided) and now I cannot do my HW2… (Show more)
Kimberly North
I have watched the video on how to sign up for a course over and over but the instructions aren't helpful because my account does not look like what's in the video. I am registered as undergraduate student. I just need to know where to go on this site to register for a course.
David Gutierrez
I am having trouble connecting the two. I am not sure if they are connected already or not. I clicked on the LaunchPad link from my course page on the iCollege website and followed the instructions. 
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