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Melanie McFadyen
Spring is finally here!  Last January, we promised you a new blog, with posts from instructors like yourself. And with the long-awaited spring, we also have our long-awaited blog!   Photo obtained from    Stay tuned for blog posts on teaching tips and best practices for helping students succeed in and outside of your course.  … (Show more)
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Get your students thinking about how to build healthy relationships and avoid common misconceptions about relationships and romance.   Have your students consider each of the following suggested “axioms of relationships.” Ask them if they think they are true. If so, how can they be used to avoid bad relationships and build good ones? If you…
Bethany Gordon
For this exercise, you will need a package of mini Dixie cups and toothpicks. Follow the steps for this exercise and follow up with a discussion of the experience. Students will find it not only amusing but also eye opening as they discover where their priorities lie.   Pass out one Dixie cup and one toothpick per student. Tell the students that…
Sonya Tiratsuyan
RSVP to Macmillan Learning events here!   Join Macmillan at the 37th Annual Conference on The First-Year Experience:   Macmillan Learning (Academic): Booth #27/28 Macmillan Publishers Trade: Booth #41/42 Skyfactor: Booth #30   Grand Hyatt San Antonio 600 East Market Street San Antonio, Texas 78205     See more here 37th Annual Conference on…
Melanie McFadyen
Goal: Students who engage in self-destructive behaviors are often unable to complete a college degree. Have students practice recognizing those self-destructive behaviors and the Emotional Intelligence Competencies that will help them change or overcome such behaviors.   1. Present students with the following list of Unsuccessful Student…