Melanie McFadyen

Last-Minute Halloween Fun: Dress Up as a Student

Blog Post created by Melanie McFadyen on Oct 31, 2017

With the unseasonably warm weather this year, it's almost impossible to accept the fact that it's already Halloween. But whether or not you had time to put together a costume, there are still ways to have fun with your students today - like a class activity featuring candy or an impromptu costume contest. But what about your costume? Here are some ways to dress up without even changing your outfit - and you'll get to poke some fun at your students at the same time!


The Post-All-Nighter

You've seen them often enough to know what they look like, especially on exam days or when a paper is due. Give your students a chance to see it for themselves - mess up your hair and rumple your clothes, get red bull or a giant cup (or pot) of coffee to sit on your desk, and yawn, doze off, or act jittery occasionally during class. If you can, consider coming to class in pajamas or sweatpants, or printing out one page of a typo-riddled paper with size 18 font and stable some blank pages to the back of it.


The Overachiever / Class Pet

Without imitating any of your students in particular, dress your best and bring a book to class with the word "Midterm Essay" taped over the cover. Cover yourself in gold star stickers. Raise your hand at your own questions, and give yourself an apple. You deserve it.


The Film Student

Wear glasses, a button-down flannel open over a t-shirt, grab a camera, and you're good to go. Considering starting class with a video assignment and have students consider the production quality of the video you're showing.


Student in the Wrong Class

Pretend it's the first day of school all over again, and come to class with a schedule in hand, checking the room number a few times and looking around in confusion. When class begins, start off with a completely different subject. As your students start to ask what's going on, shout out "Wait, this isn't geometry!" and rush out of the room.


Ms. Frizzle

Okay, so this one's a teacher, but it's still plenty of fun for your students. Print out images of planets, stars, constellations, or any pattern that goes with a specific subject (math symbols, for instance) and safety pin them to your clothes. Feel free to play up her eccentric personality!


The Texter

Walk into the room texting. Text while lecturing. Text while your students are having a group discussion. Just text as much as you can get away with...try keeping your phone under your desk. I'm sure no one will notice.


The Quintessential College Student

You know the poster. Your students know the poster. Now, be the poster. Grab (or borrow) a flannel shirt, pullover sweater, and safety pin the word "College" to the front of it. Or, take a sweater with the name of your alma mater and cover up everything by the word "College." Fluff up your hair a bit and, if possible, grow out a five o'clock shadow (or, you know, cut a fake beard out with construction paper?). To sell the look, practice your best shocked and confused expression and stare off into the distance from time to time.


No matter whether or not you wear a costume, I hope that you have a safe, happy, and fun Halloween! And a note to students: if you want to dress up as your instructor for Halloween, exercise caution. You want to make sure it comes off more as a treat than a trick!