• A Guide for Students on "How to College"

    by Andrea Brenner and Lara Schwartz   The transition from high school—and life at home—to college can be stressful for students and their families, and nothing in the college admissions process prepar...
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  • How to Create Passion around Study Skills

    “I am passionate about study skills, and I bet you’re wondering how that’s possible…”   I always start my classes this way and most students either laugh out loud or look at me in...
    Jamie Shushan
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  • Class Activity: Reflections on Study Skills

    Goal: Have your students practice writing and self-reflection while critically thinking about their study skills and how they could be improved.   Directions: Ask students to answer one or more of the follow...
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  • When Homework Isn't Working

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  • Tech Tuesday: Your College Experience Online

    John Gardner and Betsy Barefoot were some of the early innovators of the college success course. In keeping with that theme, the LaunchPad which accompanies the 13th edition of their text, Your College Experience, we ...
    Heather Halter
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  • Places of Healing & Social Belonging

    The morning after the 2016 election I found myself driving—bleary-eyed after a restless night—to the English department at Florida Atlantic University to host a book fair.   Weeks earlier, when I had ...
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  • Connections: The Growth Mindset Approach to Success

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  • Step by Step: Success for Today's Student

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  • Class Activity: ACES Initial Report

    Goal: Familiarize your students with ACES and have them reflect on their personal scores, considering both their strengths and their areas for improvement. Note: Your students will need access to LaunchPad a...
    Melanie McFadyen
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  • The New ACES Progress Report - Coming Fall 2019

    Since we first launched the ACES self-assessment back in 2016, we’ve seen program after program make the simple decision to give each one of their students, on their first days of college, one of the most powerf...
    Allen Cooper
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  • College: Who and What is it for?

    I overhear a similar conversation among students hundreds of times a year …   Students will say “I have a lab report due for chemistry class” or “I’m working on an outline for Pub...
    Andrew Pasquinelli
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  • Becoming a Well-Rounded Student, Employee, and Citizen

    Going back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the original aim of a liberal arts education was to encourage free citizens to participate in civic life by supplying them with skills of grammar, rhetoric, and logic. In m...
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  • Video Assignment: Active Reading Strategies

      How to Read Your Textbooks   Type:  Topic(s): Reading, active reading Search Terms: video college info geek textbook Video Title: How to Read Your Textbooks More Efficiently - College I...
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  • Earning a Degree is Not a Race

    There is a resounding assumption that our nation’s high school graduates will enroll in some form of higher education in the fall of the same year they graduate. The assumption starts early on in American public...
    Michelle Gayne
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  • Silence vs. Sound: Can Music Facilitate Learning?

    When I was in elementary school, I had trouble focusing in one of my classes during reading time and tests. This was not due to a lack of motivation or interest; on the contrary, I loved reading and going to school ea...
    Madeleine Tolk
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  • Using Pinterest in the Classroom

       Since joining Pinterest in....wow, 2012, my boards have been pathetically bare. But as you may have seen from my last post, this fall I've been on an organization kick, and so I've been looking ...
    Melanie McFadyen
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  • Class Activity: Checking In

      Ask your students to write what they think their biggest challenge has been so far in starting college. This not only gives you a taste of their writing ability but also lets you know where their perceived wea...
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  • Summer Reads: Common Reading Programs

    Summer may be winding down, but there’s still time left for summer reading! Colleges and universities across the country have instituted Common Reading Programs, where all students – or at least all freshm...
    Melanie McFadyen
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  • Coming Soon, To A Quad Near You

    It’s Y2K!...In Higher Education?   It’s the calm before the generational storm and while there may be a few that slipped through the threshold early, a major rush of Y2K born high school seniors...
    Alyssa Del-Valle
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  • Video Assignment-Attending Class

      Video title: Poetry Corner | "Did I Miss Anything?" by Tom Wayman Topic(s): Attending class Search terms: did I miss anything poetry corner Time (of video): 1:21 Posted by: bicoastaLP Date posted: May 13, 2014 ...
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