• Tech Tuesday: Teaching with Tech in the College Success Course

    As a Learning Solutions Specialist at Macmillan, it’s my job to help instructors get their LaunchPad courses set up, offer advice on which activities to assign, and make sure they’re comfortable using the ...
    Heather Halter
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  • A case for the topic of professional networking in First-Year Seminars (FYS)

    I have fond, giggle-filled memories of sputtering out the last lines of cumulative children’s songs in a single breath. A familiar example of such a song is There Was an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly, but my abso...
    Sabrina Mathues
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  • Meet the Author: Matt Sanders

    Matthew L. Sanders is an Associate Professor of communication studies and an Associate Dean of Humanities and Social Science at Utah State University. He holds a Ph.D. in communication from the Universi...
    Melanie McFadyen
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  • Tech Tuesday: Your College Experience Online

    John Gardner and Betsy Barefoot were some of the early innovators of the college success course. In keeping with that theme, the LaunchPad which accompanies the 13th edition of their text, Your College Experience, we ...
    Heather Halter
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  • Tech Tuesday: ACES, from the beginning

    ACES, the Academic Career Excellent System, is the flagship feature of our College Success list. Though it is a student inventory, it also has benefits for instructors. As the Learning Solutions Specialist for College...
    Heather Halter
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  • Places of Healing & Social Belonging

    The morning after the 2016 election I found myself driving—bleary-eyed after a restless night—to the English department at Florida Atlantic University to host a book fair.   Weeks earlier, when I had ...
    Allen Cooper
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  • The New ACES Progress Report - Coming Fall 2019

    Since we first launched the ACES self-assessment back in 2016, we’ve seen program after program make the simple decision to give each one of their students, on their first days of college, one of the most powerf...
    Allen Cooper
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  • How to Choose Your Committee

                You’ve graduated with your bachelor’s degree, and you have been accepted to the university of your dreams to pursue a master’s degre...
    Joe Sindicich
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  • College: Who and What is it for?

    I overhear a similar conversation among students hundreds of times a year …   Students will say “I have a lab report due for chemistry class” or “I’m working on an outline for Pub...
    Andrew Pasquinelli
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  • Becoming a Well-Rounded Student, Employee, and Citizen

    Going back to the ancient Greeks and Romans, the original aim of a liberal arts education was to encourage free citizens to participate in civic life by supplying them with skills of grammar, rhetoric, and logic. In m...
    Meaghan Roche
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  • Tech Tuesday: Apps We Love for Instructors and Students

    It’s #TechTuesday! Here are 10 useful and free apps we love for both instructors and students to live informed, balanced, simplified, and successful lifestyles: Alarmy Some of us just aren’t morning peop...
    Meaghan Roche
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  • How a Growth Mindset can bring you Closer to Your Goals

    Maybe you’re like me: Determined to finish your biggest project, but struggling to get things done. For students, this may be especially true with writing papers. In college, when it came to term papers, I’...
    Andie Aiken
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  • Student vs. Student: Fostering Healthy Competition

    Immediately upon walking through the doors of my old high school, you are confronted with a floor-to-ceiling list of students’ GPAs. From day one, students are encouraged to compete against each other for the co...
    Meaghan Roche
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  • Earning a Degree is Not a Race

    There is a resounding assumption that our nation’s high school graduates will enroll in some form of higher education in the fall of the same year they graduate. The assumption starts early on in American public...
    Michelle Gayne
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  • Summer Reads: Books for the First-Year Experience

    Last summer, we looked at schools with Common Reading Programs, where institutions assign or recommend titles for students and instructors to read over the summer, so that they can come together to discuss the book as...
    Melanie McFadyen
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  • Silence vs. Sound: Can Music Facilitate Learning?

    When I was in elementary school, I had trouble focusing in one of my classes during reading time and tests. This was not due to a lack of motivation or interest; on the contrary, I loved reading and going to school ea...
    Madeleine Tolk
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  • Faculty Don't Bite!

    I have dedicated a significant portion of my career in higher education so far to working with students who have struggled academically. For me, it is one of the most gratifying experiences that I have had and I like ...
    Michelle Gayne
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  • Keeping Perspective on Major and Career Choices

    I was a first generation, “undeclared” college student back in the 80’s, when there were few resources for someone like me. I knew I wanted to “help people,” but at the time I had no idea...
    Linda Moffat
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  • Coming this Spring: Our New Blog!

    Spring is finally here!  Last January, we promised you a new blog, with posts from instructors like yourself. And with the long-awaited spring, we also have our long-awaited blog!   Photo obtained from www....
    Melanie McFadyen
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  • NaNoWriMo and the College Student

    With ten days left in November, there are likely many Wrimos scrambling to bring their NaNoWrimo submissions to a conclusion. If that sentence sounded like utter gibberish, here is a translation: November marks Nation...
    Kathy McInerney
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