• "Stagnation: the Next Generation, Part 2" Featuring Paul Krugman

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    Paul Krugman
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  • The Shortage of Transplant Organs: Teaching Tools

    Originally posted on May 3, 2010.   The shortage of transplant organs raises many issues that can be usefully discussed in a principles of economics class.  Most obviously, the prohibition on compensating ...
    Alex Tabarrok
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  • Teaching PPP

    Originally posted on March 24, 2012.   Nick Rowe has a good method for introducing the concept of PPP: 1. I ask the class for a student volunteer. The student has to come from a country I know next to nothing a...
    Alex Tabarrok
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  • The worst health care reform ever?

    Originally posted on August 15, 2009.   Perhaps Turkmenistan takes the prize: In 2003, "President for Life" Saparmurat Niyazov decided that poor, landlocked Turkmenistan's medical costs were too high and that i...
    Tyler Cowen
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