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When’s the last time you heard of a publisher embracing open educational resources?


Macmillan Economics is committed to partnering with instructors to pioneer a complete learning experience. We believe our author-driven, carefully developed resources fulfill learning needs just as those open resources developed by the economics education community at large do.


To further this goal, we’ve created this site, EconED Active, a free-to-use community devoted to the exchange of open resources focused on active learning in economics.


EconED Active already has more than 125 users and 136 individual resources for almost any principles topic. As with any community site however, its value is directly related to the size of the network using it.


For the next 30 days until 12/16/15 we will run the inaugural mission within EconED Active. Here are the guidelines: Each registered user will receive a certain amount of points for types of participation. Creating or uploading an active learning resource, starting a conversation, or even just joining the community will earn you points.


Check out the point system here: EconEd Active Inaugural Mission Point System


At the end of 30 days, the three people with the most points accrued during that time period will win a prize:

  • The most points receives the opportunity to have Eric Chiang and/or Jose Vazquez, creators of, and thought leaders in economics education, visit his or her school at a date at a mutually agreed upon date and either give a guest lecture or a talk on active learning.
  • The 2nd most points receives the opportunity for a similar guest lecture or talk to be given online (at a mutually agreed upon time).
  • The 3rd most points receives the opportunity for Eric Chiang and Jose Vazquez to come up with an in-class activity that you can use in your own course for the topic of your choice.


Check back here to see who is leading in points in the EconED Active Mission! We will annouce the top three participants on EconED Active.


Please contact Thomas Digiano,  ( with any questions.

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