Barclay Barrios

To Prezi or Not to Prezi?

Blog Post created by Barclay Barrios Expert on Apr 9, 2015

This blog was originally posted on October 24, 2013.


Prezi.  Either you love it, hate it, or have no idea what it is.  If you’re in the last category, go check out  Me? I’m in the first category.  I love its Web 2.0-ness, its fluidity, its boundlessness, its exploration of virtual space.  But haters hate and not without reason.  I’ve had more than one colleague complain about “Prezi-sickness” from endless zooming and swirling.  I point out that dismissing Prezi because of bad Prezis is akin to dismissing PowerPoint, which is almost always bad.


I’m thinking about the question now because the Dean needs a snazzy presentation for a donor event.  “Prezi!” I say.  “No!” my colleague says.


And what say you?