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23 Posts authored by: Jenel Cavazos

Anyone else trying to figure out the best way to structure all our days at home? Check this out: How to gain control of your free time - Laura Vanderkam | TED-Ed psychstudentrss

Happy National Puppy Day! Ever wondered what our canine friends are thinking? How they see the world? If so, check out the resources available here: The Science of Dogs - Science Friday psychstudentrss

Jenel Cavazos

Brain Craft Ideas!

Posted by Jenel Cavazos Mar 16, 2020

Looking for something fun to do while you're stuck in the house? Try one of these great brain craft ideas! psychstudentrss

Timely piece from the World Economic Forum on pandemics and the psychology of uncertainty: psychstudentrss

Have you ever tried an online dating app? Read about some trends here: Making Sense of Online Dating in 2020 | Psychology Today psychstudentrss

Well now this could be interesting. A New Netflix Show Will Tackle Life as a Department Chair. Academics Have Thoughts. - The Chronicle of Higher Education psychstudentrss

Have you ever wondered if social media makes relationships harder? If so, read this! How Social Media Might Undermine Romantic Relationships | SPSP psychstudentrss

Feeling the Valentine's Day love? People Who Think Their Partners Are a Perfect Fit Stay Happier—Even if They’re Wrong – Association for Psychological Science – APS psychstudentrss

Has your university seen changes in the curriculum or in classroom behavior in the last few years? Read about one school in Texas that is facing widespread problems: When the Culture War Comes to the Classroom via @chronicle psychstudentrss

Jenel Cavazos

Mummy Voices?

Posted by Jenel Cavazos Jan 28, 2020

Ever wonder what a mummy would sound like? No? Well here's your chance to find out anyway! 3-D Printing Gives Voice to a 3,000-Year-Old Mummy - Scientific American psychstudentrss

More new research on the questionable link between electronic use and social problems in children. What do you think? Panicking About Your Kids’ Phones? New Research Says Don’t - The New York Times psychstudentrss

Excellent (and timely!) review of note-taking strategies at the start of a new semester: Note Taking: A Research Roundup  psychstudentrss

Jenel Cavazos

The Placebo Effect

Posted by Jenel Cavazos Jan 16, 2020

Some people are more susceptible to the placebo effect than others; it turns out your DNA might be responsible! Your DNA Could Determine How Easily You're Fooled by Placebos psychstudentrss

Jenel Cavazos

Fake News!

Posted by Jenel Cavazos Jan 7, 2020

Fake news is everywhere - are you good at telling what's real and what's not? Research shows you're probably not as good at it as you think you are. Students Are Really, Really Bad at Spotting Fake News, Misleading Websites - Teaching Now - Education Week Teacher psychstudentrss

Jenel Cavazos

How and Why To Forgive

Posted by Jenel Cavazos Jan 2, 2020

Forgiveness is GOOD for you, so why not try to be more forgiving in the new year? How To Forgive Someone Who Has Hurt You - and Why You Should psychstudentrss