• America's Got Sentiment

    As Sonia Maasik and I work to complete the tenth edition of Signs of Life in the U.S.A., I have been paying special attention to American popular music, which will be a topic for a new chapter that we're adding to the...
    Jack Solomon
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  • Upcoming Maintenance - Oct. 20, 2019

    In an effort to keep all of our products working smoothly, so you can keep your work going, we are doing a scheduled maintenance of LaunchPad, Sapling, and FlipIt on Sunday, October 20th from 12:01am until 7am Ea...
    Becky Anderson
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  • The Illusion of Understanding

    “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance—it is the illusion of knowledge.”   This wisdom, often attributed to American historian Daniel Boorstin, suggests a sister aphorism: The great...
    David Myers
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  • Anti-Racist Teaching

      During a visit to the Bread Loaf School of English in August, a place I have taught on and off for nearly thirty years and one whose natural beauty (in Vermont’s lush Green Mountains) always renews my sp...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • You Are NOT Tech Support!

    Just a reminder as classes get started and students familiarize themselves with Achieve and Sapling and LaunchPad (and LaunchPad Solo and Writer's Help) that you ARE NOT tech support for your students. Macmillan has a...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Taking Note(s)

    We just finished the second week of the fall semester and I’m already feeling anxious about the notes my students are not taking during class.    History classes are notorious for being heavy with note...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • Goal Setting and Grade Tracking: How Students can Predict their Performance (Before it’s Too Late!)

    Picture this: it’s finals week. You’ve been tirelessly grading papers, proctoring exams, attending end-of-semester meetings. Keeping an eye on the final grades deadline, you enter that last student’s...
    Hannah Peach
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  • Teaching with LaunchPad in an Online Course - Reflections from a (Fortunately Successful) First Attempt

    I’ve been teaching Abnormal Psychology with LaunchPad in hybrid and in-person courses for multiple years, but this summer semester was my first attempt at teaching fully online. Compressing the 15-week course in...
  • BLOG: What Campus Climate Contributes to Campus Safety

    Over the past several decades, the topic of campus safety has become increasingly important to discussions around the roles universities play in the lives of their students. For many, their college campus becomes thei...
    Kinsley Stocum
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  • Remembering Nancy Johnson and All Great Teachers

      On August 31, at about 2:30 in the afternoon Eastern Time, Nancy Johnson, Professor of English at Ohio State University, shuffled off this mortal coil, leaving so very many of us bereft and grieving. Nancy (as...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Annual STEM Education Summit Brings Tech, Education and Business Together to Explore the Future of Work

    Today Macmillan Learning announced that the STEM Education Summit will focus this year on the future of work. The meeting -- held annually with us and Scientific American, the longest-running magazine in the US -...
    Marisa Bluestone
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  • By helping students develop into reflective practitioners, Bedford New Scholar Caitlin Martin hopes to see education shift to a strength-based model

    Caitlin Martin (recommended by Elizabeth Wardle and Jason Palmeri) is a PhD candidate studying composition and rhetoric at Miami University (Ohio), where she also serves as graduate assistant director of the...
    Bedford New Scholar
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  • RESEARCH NOTE | How College Unions Foster a Sense of Belonging among Students

    How College Unions Foster a Sense of Belonging among Students College unions and student centers play a vital role on campus as a central hub for programs, services, and student life in general. College unions aim t...
    Andrew Lundner
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  • Thinking about The 1619 Project

    In August the New York Times released The 1619 Project, an ambitious publication of the paper’s weekly magazine that seeks to address our nation’s troubled history with slavery at its 400th anniversary. Wr...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • What I Did On My Summer Vacation

                                                  How many times were you asked to write about this topic...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Tech Tuesday: A New LaunchPad for Your Pocket

    When A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking came out in its 6th edition last fall, its LaunchPad got so much more than just a refresh. It’s a totally revamped experience for your students! Let’s check out all o...
    Heather Halter
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  • Selfies vs. posies: Experiment example

    Students appreciate examples that are meaningful to them. How about a little selfie research?   After covering experiments in the Intro Psych research methods chapter, ask students to think about how they would ...
    Sue Frantz
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  • I Have A Dream, 56 Years Later

    August is for vacations, air conditioned rooms, and sipping cold drinks at the beach, but what some people may not know is that August was a pivotal month for civil rights activists. On August 28th 1963, Martin L...
    Steven Huang
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  • Updates to Read & Practice in 2019

    As you know, one of the benefits of using a digital product (vs a print product) is that you can quickly make changes to that product and continue to improve on it after it releases. To that end, we’ve been work...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Bedford New Scholar Misty Fuller on how her community of instructors and fellow Scholars supports her work

    Misty Fuller (recommended by Jimmy Butts) is pursuing her PhD in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Composition at Louisiana State University. She expects to finish in Spring 2021. She currently teaches firs...
    Bedford New Scholar
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