• The 2019 Lunsford Awards!

    Valexa Orelien, me, Autumn Warren, and Vrinda Vasavada at the 2019 Lunsford Oral Presentation of Research Awards.   Well, I’ve just enjoyed one of my favorite days of the year—the annual Lunsford Ora...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • How Do Peer Connections Relate to First-Year Student Success?

    Several classic works on college student development emphasize the importance of interactions to student development, learning, and success. To that end, many institutions put significant effort and resources towards ...
    Sara Jo Lee
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  • College Student Homesickness: An Overview

    The concept of homesickness in college students has likely been around for as long as students have been leaving home to go to college. However, there are no universally accepted definitions. Few measures of homesickn...
    Sara Jo Lee
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  • Use psychology to win millions

    As of this writing, Jeopardy! champion James Holzhauer has won 24 games for a total of $1,867,142.00. A lot of people are wondering how he has done it.   The next time you cover memory in Intro, ask your student...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Macmillan Learning Adds Data Science Executive to Learning Science Team

    New York, NY; May 22, 2019 -- Macmillan Learning announced today that Alfred Essa will join the company's Learning Science and Insights team to lead and grow the Analytics and Data Science Group. This addition is part...
    Marisa Bluestone
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  • Free-to-Use Visual Assets for Digital Projects

    Good visual assets can take a digital project from average to awesome. Add the photo on the right, which shows an African American woman working on a World War II dive bomber, to a research project on the role of Afri...
    Traci Gardner
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  • Childhood Adversity and Trauma as an Invisible Fire 

    Guest Blogger: Andrew Anastasia (he/him/they) earned his Ph.D. from the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee where he worked on bridging conversations between rhetoric and composition pedagogy and social work method...
    Susan Naomi Bernstein
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  • Helping Students Discover the Take Away: Literature Classes and Transfer Skills

    Today's featured guest blogger is Lisa DuRose, Professor at Inver Hills Community College   As the semester winds to a close, I know the students in my Short Story class are growing a bit weary: they h...
    LitBits Guest Blogger
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  • Arguing over Game of Thrones

    Who would have thought that an anachronistic coffee cup on the set of a television show would have outpaced a trade war with China as a news story? And that was even before the controversial penultimate episode of Gam...
    Donna Winchell
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  • Lessons My Students Have Taught Me

    According to my social media feeds, National Teacher Appreciation Day was May 7th. Reading posts thanking teachers and mentors last week led me to think a lot about what my years in the college classroom have meant to...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • Monica Abbott Is The Greatest Pitcher in National Pro Fastpitch History

    Monica Abbott led all pitchers of the the National Pro Fastpitch (NPF) league with 17 wins during the 2017 season. Since Abbott's team -- the Scrap Yard Dawgs -- only won 31 games that year, Abbott was apparently wort...
    David Berri
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  • Using Genre to Complicate “Writing for School”

    Matt Switliski (nominated by Christina Ortmeier-Hooper) is completing a PhD in English with a concentration in Composition at the University of New Hampshire. He has taught First-Year Writing, Introduction to Cre...
    Bedford New Scholar
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  • Thanks to John Duffy

      Most readers are probably familiar with the work of John Duffy—Professor of English and Director of the University Writing Program at Notre Dame—in works such as Writing from These Roots and essays...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Where did our three little ear bones come from?

    One of the many things I love about teaching psychology is that I can learn something new about the field—about our humanness—just about anywhere. I am currently reading Skeleton Keys by Brian Switek (2019...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Listening for Pluralism in Political Dialogue

      As we head into summer, we should invite our students to practice all the skills they’ve honed in our writing classrooms as they listen to the political dialogues unfolding this season. Let’s hope ...
    April Lidinsky
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  • Rules, Principles, and Resources

    In my last post, I looked at writing rules issued by instructors across the curriculum and the resulting confusion for student writers attempting to understand what good writing actually means—and how much of th...
    Miriam Moore
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  • Tech Tuesday: Teaching with Tech in the College Success Course

    As a Learning Solutions Specialist at Macmillan, it’s my job to help instructors get their LaunchPad courses set up, offer advice on which activities to assign, and make sure they’re comfortable using the ...
    Heather Halter
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  • Tech Tuesday: A New LaunchPad for Your Pocket

      When A Pocket Guide to Public Speaking came out in it’s 6th edition last fall, it’s LaunchPad got so much more than just a refresh. It’s a totally revamped experience for your students. Let...
    Heather Halter
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  • Daily Discussion Posts

    For several semesters now, I have made Daily Discussion Posts (DDPs) a key feature in my courses. At the beginning of the term, I explain that these posts meet three goals: to highlight information directly related to...
    Traci Gardner
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  • Student Survey about Dealing with Difference

    Dear Bedford Bits friends,   Like all of you, I've been reading and talking with colleagues about the all-too-obvious divisiveness abroad in the land today, and especially about the increasing tendency to "stay...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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