• Availability heuristic: A Nextdoor example

    When Seattle residents were surveyed concerning their fear of crime, many reported a fear that outpaced the actual level of crime. Two neighborhoods, for example, “are seemingly safe places to live, and rank amo...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Pay Attention!

      It’s no secret that I am a fan of style and of teaching style, the third canon of rhetoric and, by any measure, an extremely important one today. So I’ve focused on style in all my textbooks and do...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • In Memoriam: Leading Economist & BFW High School Author Alan Krueger

    It is with great sadness that we share with you the passing this weekend of ground-breaking economist, professor, and Macmillan Learning author Alan Krueger. We’ve had the pleasure of working with and learning f...
    Marisa Bluestone
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  • How about Some Comic Relief?

      When this blog posting goes up, I will be in Pittsburgh at CCCC celebrating Cheryl Glenn’s brilliantly deserved Exemplar Award and reveling in what looks to be the most diverse and exciting program in ye...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Women’s History Month: Listen, Read, Watch

    You don’t have to leave home (although we recommend you do) to celebrate Women’s History Month! Below are some great suggestions to honor Women’s History Month on your own time.   Movies: 100 Gr...
    Chelsea Simens
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  • Multimodal Mondays: Experiential Reviews and Immersive Experiences

    Today’s guest blogger is Kim Haimes-Korn, a Professor of English and Digital Writing at Kennesaw State University. Kim’s teaching philosophy encourages dynamic learning and critical digital literacies...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • RESEARCH NOTE | Key Insights from National Survey Data on Campus Recreation Services

    Recreation centers play a vital role in the university experience. These services offer students opportunities to participate in both structured and unstructured activities such as fitness classes, intramural sports t...
    Matthew Venaas
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  • Women’s History Month

    Every March we take the time to look back and honor the achievements of women throughout history. Although widely celebrated now, this was not always the case. Below we give a snapshot of what Women’s History Mo...
    Chelsea Simens
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  • Double Doinks, Chance Encounters, and the Story of Life

    With so many trillions of daily happenings, some weird and wonderful events are inevitable—random serendipities that we could never predict in foresight but can savor in hindsight. From sports to relationships t...
    David Myers
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  • The "Momo Challenge"

      When I first started writing about popular cultural semiotics in the 1980s, the Cabbage Patch Kids were the biggest thing going in children’s consumer culture. Not too many years later there was the POGS...
    Jack Solomon
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  • Casting a Wider Research Net: Using Research Tools

    When I create an assignment, I intend the information I include about research requirements to suggest starting points and to encourage exploration. Instead, students probably use that information to determine the bar...
    Traci Gardner
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  • Adjunct Psychology Faculty Resource Guide

    Adjunct faculty, unfortunately, often don’t have the kind of support full-time faculty do. As full-time faculty, many of us could do a better job supporting both our new and our long-standing adjuncts.   T...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Tech Tuesday: Dive into Digital with Personality

    Macmillan’s first edition public speaking text, Speech Craft, has a personality of its own. Fittingly, its corresponding LaunchPad reflects that personality, as the book’s author, Joshua Gunn helped develo...
    Heather Halter
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  • Scaffolding Multimodal Projects through Collaborative Learning

    Skye Roberson (nominated by Katie Fredlund) is pursuing her PhD in Composition Studies in the English department at the University of Memphis. She is currently the graduate assistant director of the Center for Wr...
    Bedford New Scholar
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  • Looking for new teaching ideas?

      If you missed our Spring 2019 Webinar Week, you can watch all the recordings here. And if you're inspired, comment on one or more of the recordings and you could win one of our great trade titles (se...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Grim News, Good News, and Gendered News from Today’s Teens

    What are today’s U.S. teens feeling and doing? And how do they differ from the teens of a decade ago?   A new Pew Research Center survey of nearly a thousand 13- to 17-year-olds offers both troubling and ...
    David Myers
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  • Pathways to Student Success I: Need to Read

    A scholar new to the academic job market recently asked me to reflect on this question: what do I consider to be the greatest challenge of teaching history at a community college? So here goes ... community college st...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • Vaccinations in the Headlines

    When he turned eighteen, Ethan Lindenberger sought advice about how to get vaccinated. The title of a Guardian article about him by Anna Almendrala sums up his situation: “‘God Knows How I’m Alive...
    Donna Winchell
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  • Help shape the future of the intro psych course!

    Help shape the future of the intro psych course! The APA is looking for instructors to provide feedback to their APA Introductory Psychology Initiative Census (APA IPIC). Take a look at ow.ly/lZGu30nYCVS   
    Alanna Smith
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  • How the Novel Fahrenheit 451 has Shaped my Composition Pedagogy

      Today's guest blogger is Daniel Lambert, an educator, writer, editor, proofreader, and photographer. He teaches English courses at California State University, Los Angeles and East Los Angeles Co...
    LitBits Guest Blogger
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