• Using Grammar Girl Podcasts to Improve Student Writing

    This blog series is written by Julia Domenicucci, an editor at Macmillan Learning, in conjunction with Mignon Fogarty, better known as Grammar Girl.     Grammar Girl podcasts pair well with written assignmen...
    Grammar Girl
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  • When Is a Banana Just a Banana?

    "Bananas" by JeepersMedia is licensed under CC BY 2.0   Students might assume it’s bananas to pay $120,000 for a piece of fruit, but that’s what not just one but three art collectors did at Art Basel ...
    John O'Hara
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  • The Intuition behind Style

      Is style “the man himself,” as many have said? The “dress of thought” as Lord Chesterfield wrote to his son? Or “the counter-point of a writer’s character,” in Goethe&...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Book Recommendations for Black History Month from Macmillan

    Our colleagues at Macmillan Publishers have curated a new list of must-read books for Black History Month. These books tell the stories of the black experience from a variety of perspectives. Let us know which on...
    Marisa Bluestone
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  • Transferring Humanities Skills from Community to Four-Year College

    We are almost at the midpoint of spring semester and requests for letters of recommendation are starting to pile up. Teaching at a community college necessitates that faculty support students' transfer applications, w...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • The Arctic lacks monocular cues: How does that affect what we perceive?

    In the Intro Psych sensation and perception chapter, we often cover monocular cues. While it’s fine to think about how monocular cues help us perceive depth, I had never given much thought to what we would perce...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Is Social Media Undermining Your Relationships?

    Have you ever wondered if social media makes relationships harder? If so, read this! How Social Media Might Undermine Romantic Relationships | SPSP http://ow.ly/95cI30qiLMC psychstudentrss
    Jenel Cavazos
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  • Shifting ingroups from TV2 Denmark

    Ingroups can be pretty powerful. We tend to like people in our ingroups more than people in our outgroups (ingroup bias), and we tend to see people in our outgroups as being more like each other than people in our ing...
    Sue Frantz
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  • iClicker Question of the Week #valentinesday

    Engage your students before you launch into your lecture with the #iclickerqoftheweek!  Tyler Cowen and Alex Tabarrok, authors of Modern Principles of Economics, share their favorite question about the ...
    Shani Fisher
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  • "Typical Americans"

    Twenty-six years ago, the introduction to the first edition of Signs of Life in the U.S.A. began with an exploration of the place that the Super Bowl holds in American life and culture, noting how "It's more than...
    Jack Solomon
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  • Using Conspiracy Theories as Opportunities for Rhetorical Analysis

      I’m wondering how many others read the article by Mike McIntire and Kevin Roose in the New York Times called “What Happens When QAnon Seeps from the Web to the Offline World.” I have heard of...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Mitt Romney and the Social Psychology of Dissent

    In a long-ago experiment by Columbia University social psychologist Stanley Schachter, groups discussed how to deal with fictional juvenile delinquent “Johnny Rocco.” One “modal” group member (...
    David Myers
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  • Your Partner is PERFECT For You!

    Feeling the Valentine's Day love? People Who Think Their Partners Are a Perfect Fit Stay Happier—Even if They’re Wrong – Association for Psychological Science – APS http://ow.ly/3SFa30qhci...
    Jenel Cavazos
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  • Slow Looking and Close Reading: Experiments in Learning from a Tree

    I’m roaring into my 2020 teaching with the old-school pedagogy of journal-writing, buoyed by the positive feedback from students, and, frankly, the pleasure I’m taking in practicing alongside them.   ...
    April Lidinsky
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  • The Importance of Affective Learning: An Interview with Kathy Molloy and Diego Navarro

    The two of you are former long-time California Community College professors now working for the Research and Planning Group for California Community Colleges. Your current project focuses on using student support succ...
    David Starkey
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  • Multimodal Mondays: Looking for Signs: A Digital Visual Series

    Today’s guest blogger is Kim Haimes-Korn, a Professor of English and Digital Writing at Kennesaw State University. Kim’s teaching philosophy encourages dynamic learning and critical digital literacies...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Culture War in the Classroom

    Has your university seen changes in the curriculum or in classroom behavior in the last few years? Read about one school in Texas that is facing widespread problems: When the Culture War Comes to the Classroom...
    Jenel Cavazos
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  • Feedback as “Intermental Experience” in FYC and Corequisite Courses

    We are heading into the fourth week of spring term, rounding out the first quarter of our FYC and corequisite courses. We’ve just finished early draft conferences on the first significant project – a liter...
    Miriam Moore
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  • Eight Science-Informed Keys to Effective Groups

    A recent Templeton World Charity Foundation conference, Character, Social Connections and Flourishing in the 21st Century, expanded my mind, thanks to a lecture by famed evolutionary biologist David Sloan Wilson. This...
    David Myers
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  • Examining Writers vs. Authors

      I am woefully behind on my reading but trying to catch up the last week or so, and I just read a provocative and important article by Elise Findlay (whom I met recently when I was visiting St. Mary’s Col...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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