• A Guide for Students on "How to College"

    by Andrea Brenner and Lara Schwartz   The transition from high school—and life at home—to college can be stressful for students and their families, and nothing in the college admissions process prepar...
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  • RELEASE | iClicker Summer/Fall 2019

    Exciting Summer/Fall 2019 Updates  Manage distractions & mitigate multitasking in your classroom with new feature options, tailored to your technology choices. With the new iClicker Cloud 5.0 desktop so...
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  • RELEASE | iClicker Spring 2019

    All Your Tools In One Place, More Time For TeachingStarting a class session and running activities using iClicker is now quicker, easier, and more intuitive.     For more information about our Spring 2019 ...
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  • RELEASE | iClicker Summer 2018

    Enhanced Grade Sync | Release 4.6  Support for Blackboard and Canvas available this Fall with more coming soon.iClicker's easy-to-use multi-column grade sync experience provides instructors much more flexibility ...
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  • RELEASE | iClicker Spring 2018

    Expanded Student Study Capabilities  NEW! Digital flashcardsStudents can easily create and curate flashcards around concepts they most need to practice and review to create a more focused, customized study experi...
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  • Why First Year English?

      I’m writing this post at a time when first-year programs across the country are being questioned. Unfortunately, same old, same old: these challenges come in cycles, every ten years or so, and they come ...
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  • Writing Arguments about Literary Characters

    11/8/19 10:30 AM
    In this webinar, John Schilb, co-author of Making Literature Matter and Arguing about Literature, will show how to help students go beyond simplistic judgments and explanations of literary characters' behavior to inst...
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    Writing Arguments about Literary Characters

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  • Don’t wait. Get prepared now for your next term!

    As the semester comes to a close, you'll need to start thinking about wrapping up student grades and then creating your new course for the next semester. Here are a few links to help:   LaunchPad: For this seme...
    Becky Anderson
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  • Disabilities We Seldom Notice

    If you have watched a 2019 Democratic Party debate, you perhaps have taken note: While Pete Buttigieg, Elizabeth Warren, and Cory Booker glide smoothly through their spoken words, Joe Biden sometimes hesitates, stamme...
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  • Chariots with Tires: or the Semiotics of Ford vs. Ferrari

    By the time of the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, America had just concluded a bad decade. Watergate, Kent State, rampant inflation, the abject failure of the Vietnam War, Soviet adventures in Afghanis...
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  • Using Speak Up's New Feature to Teach Public Speaking

         Speak Up! employs various means to connect with students, including real-life speech examples and hundreds of hand-drawn illustrations that bring public speaking concepts to life with clarity ...
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  • Achieve Read & Practice, wherever you go

    Open video

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  • WHITEPAPER | Active Learning in Geography

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  • Local Research Assignments with Historypin

      I recently had the chance to visit a former student who now teaches at the University of Alaska Southeast in Juneau, where we spent an evening talking about the research his students have been doing to study im...
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  • A Beautiful Day in the Composition Classroom

    A late Thanksgiving this year has created a difficult end-of-semester calendar: a week off for Thanksgiving, one week of class, and then finals. Moving from mid-term into early November, I watched the students in my f...
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  • The Struggle is Real (#3): Following Directions

    Students are turning in final projects this week for my online courses. With only two weeks until final exams, the end of the semester is bearing down on us all. And though these students have been working with me sin...
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  • Why Bedford New Scholar Karen Trujillo designs each writing activity to be a tool students can use "whether they stay in college or not"

    KAREN TRUJILLO (recommended by Lauren Rosenberg) is pursuing her PhD in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Professional Communication at New Mexico State University. She teaches Rhetoric and Composition, Bus...
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  • Where Does Your World Begin?

      This Thanksgiving week, 2019, I have been thinking of the students I have known over so many decades, of their triumphs and tribulations, and of their writing, so often, about things that matter deeply to them...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Some Amazing Data/Teaching Resources

    Bill Gates wants people he hires to read two of his favorite books: The Better Angels of Our Nature, by psychologist Steven Pinker, and Factfulness by the late Hans Rosling.   I, too, have loved these books, wh...
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  • Using Mobile in your Classroom: Enhance Learning, Minimize Distractions

    Today 2:00 PM
    December 13 | 2:00 PM ET   Opportunities for distraction in college classrooms for students - especially in 2019 - is plentiful. Social media, cat memes and short attention spans all contribute to the problem. ...
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    Using Mobile in your Classroom: Enhance Learning, Minimize Distractions

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