• EconEd 2019 FAQs

    When is EconEd 2019? The EconEd Conference will be held on October 18-19th, 2019. Where is EconEd 2019? EconEd will be in New Orleans, Louisiana at the Renaissance New Orleans Pere Marquette French Quarter Area Hot...
    Jennifer Bilello
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  • WHITEPAPER | First Year Data Strategies

    Andrew Lundner
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  • My experience as a contestant on ABC’s new game show “Holey Moley”

    On Thursday, August 22, I’ll be featured as a contestant on ABC’s extreme mini golf game show “Holey Moley”, featuring NBA star Stephen Curry. On this show, I compete against 11 other contestan...
    Eric Chiang
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  • Viktor Frankl and the Search for Meaning

     If you're feeling stressed or anxious, consider the work of Viktor Frankl, who taught us that finding meaning in life is our most important quest: Viktor Frankl: Doctor prescribed the meaning of life - Big ...
    Jenel Cavazos
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  • Podcast: Pedagogue

    Today I'd like to highlight Shane A. Wood's podcast: Pedagogue.    Pedagogue is a podcast about teachers talking writing, dedicated to building a supportive community, committed to facilitating convers...
    Stephen Parks
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  • Pedagogue Podcast: Advice to First-Time Teachers

    August Greetings! I’m writing to let you know about Pedagogue, a podcast project hosted by Shane Wood. Shane’s project is to create short episodes exploring a single topic about composition teaching or res...
    Nancy Sommers
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  • Customize Your LaunchPad with Curriculum Solutions

    Interested in incorporating LaunchPad into your curriculum but want to customize it to meet your needs? Macmillan Learning Curriculum Solutions is here to help. Our dedicated custom team will tailor your chosen Launch...
    Lisa LaRew
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  • Annotated Bibliography

    Assignment by Misty Fuller, Bedford New Scholar 2019   Length: 750 words per person Percent towards grade: 10% Due: Due March 11, in class: Full draft (5%) Due: March 13, in class: Final submission (5%) ...
    Leah Rang
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  • Bedford New Scholars Assignment Ideas

      Each year, our Bedford New Scholars advisory board of graduate teaching assistants shares their Assignments that Work — assignments that have proven especially effective, engaging, or inno...
    Cari Goldfine
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  • Celebrating Women's Equality Day! (8.26.19)

    On behalf of the Diversity & Inclusion Council at Macmillan Learning, we invite you to celebrate Women’s Equality Day this Monday, August 26th!   After nationwide women’s rights marches in the 19...
    Nikki Jones
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  • A Grace Period Update

    Recently, several colleagues have asked me about my grace period, which is part of my late policy on student work. Their interest encouraged me to write an update on how it’s been working. I began using a grace ...
    Traci Gardner
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  • BLOG: Strategies for Improving the Impact of First-Year Student Data

    With average attrition costs at nearly $10 million per institution, improving student retention rates, especially from the first to second year, can have a significant impact on institutional budgets and resource allo...
    Kinsley Stocum
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  • Recommended Student Learning Outcomes for Intro Psych

    The American Psychological Association’s Board of Educational Affairs, at the behest of the Committee on Associate and Baccalaureate Education, convened a working group under the title Introductory Psychology In...
    Sue Frantz
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  • A final course review: The top ten list

    Several years ago, back when I was still giving in-class exams, I was convinced by Roddy Roediger to give a comprehensive final exam. By asking students to review the course material one more time by studying for the ...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Need lesson plan ideas

    Teaching General Psychology class
    Sherry Nettles
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  • Intro to Lit advice

    Hi everyone,   I'm teaching Intro to Literature this fall but haven't taught it in a long time.  I usually teach composition courses and feel I'm a bit out of touch with what would be great texts to use as ...
    Joan Jarrett
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  • INFOGRAPHIC | Intellus Learning - Your Course Your Way

    Sara Jo Lee
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  • BLOG | Beyond the Hype of Big Data in Education

    Last week, our Learning Science and Insights team released a whitepaper, "Beyond the Hype of Big Data in Education". In it, our team of learning designer researchers and data scientists outline how data can be used re...
    Zac Bacco
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  • INFOGRAPHIC | First Year Study Skills

    Zac Bacco
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  • BLOG | With CARE and Consideration: Why Being a Good Partner Matters

    The expansion of open educational resources (OER) in higher education has led to a rush of commercial companies looking to provide OER-related services. Many if not most of these companies have brought products to mar...
    Charles Linsmeier
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