• Political Meme Scavenger Hunt

    Protest Poster showing Grumpy Cat holding an Ethernet cable, with the message, “#NSA Killed My Internet. Now I have to build a GNU one.” Sometimes a LOLcat is just a humorous comment on life. Other times, ...
    Traci Gardner
    created by Traci Gardner
  • Skyfactor Benchworks and Roompact’s New Strategic Collaboration to Enhance Residence Life Practice and the Student Experience

    Roompact and Skyfactor Benchworks are pleased to announce a strategic collaboration to explore how combining Benchworks' nationally-validated assessment, analytics and benchmarking with Roompact’s expertise in r...
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  • Macmillan Learning Announces Bedford New Scholars Advisory Board for 2019

    Bedford/St. Martin’s, an imprint of Macmillan Learning, today announced the 10 new graduate students chosen to become part of the 2019 Bedford New Scholarsprogram, an advisory board of graduate students for...
    Marisa Bluestone
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  • Benchworks Launches Assessment and Impact Award for Residence Life, Announces Winners

    Skyfactor Benchworks announced the winners of its first, annual Assessment and Impact Awards. The award was created to highlight colleges that are successfully using data to improve their housing programs, helping to ...
    Marisa Bluestone
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  • 2019 Bedford New Scholars Advisory Board: Biographies

    Shannon Butts (recommended by Creed Greer) is pursuing her PhD in English with a concentration in Rhetoric and Writing Studies at The University of Florida, graduating August 2019. Shannon teaches courses on digi...
    Leah Rang
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  • More Forgotten History: The UpStairs Lounge arson from 1973

    Before the horrific events of the Pulse nightclub shooting, the UpStairs Lounge arson attack was one of the deadliest assaults on the LGBQT community-- except hardly anyone heard about it. In honor of #PrideMonth, rea...
  • Tech Tuesday: Get Ready for Fall with ACES Updates

    The ACES that you know and love got some amazing updates last week to make it more user friendly and more useful for both your course and your institution. Now available in the LaunchPads for Connections, 1st and 2nd ...
    Heather Halter
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  • “Implicit Egotism”: Astonishing Ways We Gravitate Toward Places, People, and Professions We Associate With Ourselves

    You surely know why you chose your town, your partner, and your vocation—all for good reasons, no doubt.   But might other unknown reasons—operating below the level of your conscious awareness–...
    David Myers
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  • Student Research: Works Cited Drafts

    Teaching our students to properly cite sources is an essential component of college-level history courses. In a previous blog I mentioned that last summer I started requiring a rough-draft of the Works Cited page in t...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • Write This, Not That: A Class Activity

    Writing a simple email message can turn me into an overthinking scaredy-cat. Am I using the right phrase? Do I sound like I’m apologizing too much? Am I oversharing? Am I being too vague? Ugh. I end up evaluatin...
    Traci Gardner
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  • INFOGRAPHIC | Academic Resiliency & First-Year College Students

    Sara Jo Lee
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  • Journaling with a Purpose

    Today's featured guest blogger is Shane Bradley, Administrative Dean, Writing Program Director, and Assistant Professor of English at Erskine College.    The following dictum still bothers me...
    LitBits Guest Blogger
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  • 10,000 steps: A research methods example

    After covering experiments and correlations in Intro Psych or as a research methods booster in the Stress & Health chapter, ask your students if they have heard that you should walk 10,000 steps a day. Do they kno...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Price Controls Clicker Questions

    In the wake of $4/gallon gas prices last year, some people were calling on the government to restrict gasoline prices. Do you believe the government should have put a cap on gasoline prices?   A) Yes B) No ...
    Elizabeth Uva
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  • Externalities Clicker Questions

    In which of the following situations would a positive externality most likely be involved?   A) Ellen is sitting at home one day when she gets a telephone call, informing her that she has won $10,000 in a contes...
    Elizabeth Uva
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  • Demand and Supply Clicker Questions

    Which of the following demonstrates the law of demand?   A) Relative to last month, Jon buys more pretzels at $1.50 per pretzel since he got a raise at work this month. B) Melissa buys fewer muffins at $0.75 pe...
    Elizabeth Uva
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  • Using Google Forms to Create Fast Class Activities

    Google Forms make an easy task of collecting information from students for class discussion and writing activities. Just gather student responses your Google Form, and use the collected responses as the basis of class...
    Traci Gardner
    created by Traci Gardner
  • The Sense of an Ending: Popular Teleology and Game of Thrones

    With television's arguably most prominent dramatic series ending amidst the ashes of King's Landing and the outrage of many of its most loyal fans (including a remarkable Change.Org petition demanding an entire Season...
    Jack Solomon
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  • Bedford Series - Nancy Sommers

    Open video

    Chelsea Simens
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  • Bedford Series - Susan Miller-Cochran and Stacey Cochran

    Open video

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