• The Highline College Non-Shooting

    Just two days after the Parkland, Florida high school shooting, a colleague appeared at my office door on the Highline College campus and said, “I just heard 6 to 8 shots and people screaming.”   We ...
    Sue Frantz
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  • Help! I have an assignment due at midnight tonight!

    On the PsychSim6: The Auditory System assignment on my online class won't let me continue to the next assignment. Im on the sound wave characteristic slide 3 and it is a blank screen that says at the very top {{slide....
    Ashlie Wilson
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  • Frozen Price Game

    Author:  Lori Alden Audience:  High school and college economics students Time required:  About 50 minutes   Summary:  This game demonstrates the advantages of price allocation ...
    Solina Lindahl
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  • Grandmaster Flash and Autocomplete

    This blog was originally posted on March 3rd, 2015. Last fall, the Tumblr account Love, Grampa and Grandmaster Flash made a splash with its humorous screen captures of autocomplete gone awry. If you use Facebook, you ...
    Traci Gardner
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  • SPENT game

    Spent is a free online game about surviving poverty and homelessness created by ad agency McKinney for pro bono client Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD), whose mission ...
    Solina Lindahl
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  • Spending Strings Activity

    Spending Strings (demonstration) Using spending and output cards, instructor can show students how various policies affect equilibrium, unemployment and inflation. Can have students predict outcomes first; prediction...
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  • Persuading People in Peril: The Cape Town Experiment

    My daughter—a socio-behavioural scientist at the University of Cape Town’s Desmond Tutu HIV Foundation—alerted me last April to a possible crisis. Cape Town’s reservoirs were perilously low. Wi...
    David Myers
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  • What's in Your LaunchPad? Psychology

    These visual tours show you all of the resources available in each LaunchPad. Click on a title to browse resources for that title. Belsky, Experiencing the Lifespan, 4e Berger, Developing Person through Childh...
    Digital Support
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  • Schacter, Introducing Psychology, 4e

    LaunchPad contains resources for you and your students. In this tutorial, we'll take a detailed look at both types separately. Let's begin with student resources. Click the following link to go to the landing pag...
    Digital Support
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  • Accessing Instructors Resources on LaunchPad

    Hi I was wondering how I access the instructors resources, quizzes, and test banks on Launchpad.  Please help!
    Lucinda Conde
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  • “I now understand her point better”: Reflections on Empty Narratives of Research

    I’m using Maggie Nelson’s award-winning memoir, The Argonauts, as the central text in an essay course I’m teaching this semester. We’re reading five to ten pages a week, moving slowly through N...
    Richard E. Miller
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  • Writing Feedback: A New Approach to Student and Faculty Flourishing

    Positive or negative writing feedback… what’s the optimal balance?   Recently I asked my students what they considered to be a healthy ratio of positive-to-negative feedback on their writing. The g...
    Stacey Cochran
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  • Discuss Student Debt in our Writing Classes? Our Students Can’t Afford for Us Not To

      Economics has risen above its reputation as the "dismal science,” but it still may not seem like a lively topic for a composition classroom. However, in the spirit of inviting our students to grapple wit...
    April Lidinsky
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  • Postmodern President?

      In a New York Times op-ed piece, Thomas B. Edsall asks “Is President Trump a Stealth Postmodernist or Just a Liar?” Intrigued by the question, I scrolled through the article, finding that writ...
    Andrea A. Lunsford
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  • Worth Watching? Documentary Films in the US History Survey

    Recently I attended a conference session where a moderator asked audience members to share suggestions for documentary films that have worked particularly well in humanities classes. The lively conversation that follo...
    Suzanne McCormack
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  • Conferences with Literature Students

    As an English professor at a small school, I teach a wide range of courses including, of course, composition. And like most places, my department expects regular conferences with students in those writing courses. I&#...
    Emily Isaacson
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  • Cowen & Tabarrok on Modern Principles of Economics 4e

    Open video

    Jennifer Bilello
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  • how do I activate quizzes

    teacher is not technical and hates computers she is not willing/does not know how to activate quizzes she is filling in for original professor. Can I do that myself? 
    Nancy Guhl
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  • Webinar: Sapling for Economics

    2/20/18 11:00 AM
    Please join us on February 22nd for an Economics webinar. A Q & A period will follow the presentation and we encourage all teachers of economics to join us. This is not the same Sapling you might have seen ev...
    Sonya Tiratsuyan
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    Webinar: Sapling for Economics

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  • Super Ads 2018: Or the Dog that Didn't Bark in the Night

      Yes, it's that time of year again: time for Super Bowl Semiotics, advertising division. And as I contemplate this year's rather uninspiring, and uninspired, lineup, I find myself realizing that the ads were mo...
    Jack Solomon
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