Mariela Armenta | The Power of Mindfulness

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Mariela Armenta shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
Every day we get closer and closer to death. Whether you are young or old, healthy or sick. Reality is we are all impermeant. The next day is never promised and we are on earth for a limited amount of days. Once we realize that, gratitude & time becomes our most important assets in life. What drives me to achieve more every day is myself. My life experience and self-awareness are what drives me to want to become a better version of myself every day. My life has been a movie. I could write a series on my life, but I'll give the short version. At 25 years old I fell into a life changing depression. Leading me to stop taking my medication I've been taking since birth. This resulted in me in the hospital for an emergency operation. Unfortunately, there was some issues due to the size of the mass taken out and landing me ICU for a couple days. I woke up with news that they had almost lost me. Now you think a person will have a change of mindset after such an experience but 11 months later I was back. Exact same situation, again. But for some reason I was still here. That opened my eyes and lead me on my path to recovery, physically and mentally. Having found mindfulness has been a life changing experience. I want to tell my life story with the intention for anyone to use it to better their life from it. My mission includes brining the education of mindfulness to kids all over the world. I believe education is the solution to all our world issues. As well as become the best version of myself so I can give the best back to the world. It's all about giving back.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?