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Helen Hoffner shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
Driven to Teach At this moment, a child is being born. In a few years, he will enter a school and meet the person who will teach him to read. As a professor of reading education at Holy Family University, I have the joy as well as the incredible responsibility of preparing teachers who will bring literacy to future generations. That is why I am driven to give my best in the classroom. When I spend a day talking with college students, observing their first lessons as student teachers, and guiding their research, I touch the future of education. I pass on tips and techniques that my students will use to provide reading education for years to come. From the day I started kindergarten, I knew that I would be a teacher. What could be better than entering a cheerful school building each day and experiencing the excitement within its walls? My elementary and high school teachers were caring and knowledgeable professionals who instilled confidence and showed me the importance of their work. Later I met college professors who gave me the tools I used on my first teaching assignments. My family at home and my colleagues in education have offered the guidance, encouragement, and feedback that has enabled me to fulfill my vocation as an elementary teacher, reading specialist, textbook author, and university professor. My greatest joy now is to visit schools to see my former college students working as teachers in their own classrooms. I feel that I have done my job as I watch them address individual strengths and needs and find just the right techniques for leading children through challenging tasks. I am proud and thankful to have the opportunity to pass the torch to the next generation of educators who are driven to teach.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?