Sopio (Sophie) Nonikashvili | Diversity Can Bring Positive Changes in the World

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Sophie shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
New York City, - it is an extraordinary city in many ways, but the diversity and the admiration of multiculturalism one will encounter there is the most stunning part of it. People from many different countries and cultural backgrounds go there, and they become part of it immediately. They incorporate their uniqueness into everyday life. New York City is admired by many because no matter person's background he/she will eventually find his/her place in the electricity of the city. NYC is a great example of multiculturalism itself. Multiculturalism is a force driven by diversity. Sharing beliefs, ideas,values, and achievements can be beneficial to the well-being of society. Multiculturalism is the way society deals with cultural diversity. One of the theorems describing multiculturalism is a Salad Bowl Theory. For me,salad bowl societies do not only exist on a worldwide scale.Salad bowl society is part of my daily life because I have my own salad bowl family. I grew up in an international family. I,along with my grandma, lived in Georgia, my mom in the US, and my aunt in Germany,even though her husband is Polish. As a child, I got to travel a lot, and cultural peculiarities were not unknown to me. Each country had its characteristics, and every time I visited them,I had to adjust to their nature.By adjusting I do not mean that I was losing something of my own. I was just curious about undiscovered "territories."Those territories promised me the expansion of my skills and values. In my family, we get to celebrate Christmas twice a year,each with a different tradition. One, we celebrate on December 25, with my aunt's family in a Polish style. We have traditional dishes including my favorite mushroom soup and traditional polish pastries. At the beginning of the dinner we break oplatek- Christmas wafer, to wish each other prosperity and happiness. According to Orthodox tradition, on January 7, we light up the candle near the window, so that God will look into our homes.Each of us had unique traditions of celebrating Christmas before we met each other. After merging families, we learned how to become part of the others' tradition. My family–a community with two Christmases–has made me better aware of cultural diversity and its importance. As time passed by,I realized that it was not just about a family. It was more about life itself. Life is about respecting others and achieving great things for the well-being of the whole community.First steps to achieve that are by listening, sharing, and respecting each other.My family led me to learn that all of these components are vital for the long-term survival of the society. This will make humankind stronger and will be beneficial for us all. I believe that people coming from different ethnical,racial, and philosophical backgrounds can be united and without losing their true identity, compose something valuable. I believe that appreciation of diversity brings benefits and colors into our lives, motivates us, and I have my own family to prove that.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?