Chloe Turnbow | The Impact of Being a Positive Role Model

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Chloe Turnbow shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
Four years ago, I unexpectedly became a sister to two baby girls, Emerson and Paisley. Less than two years later, I moved away to attend the University of Michigan and I have missed them every day that we are apart. However, they inspire me to continue giving it my all in school and to get the most out of my education. My goal is to become a doctor and at the end of this very long academic journey, I hope to have shown my sisters that all of their dreams, no matter how big, are obtainable. My mission is to prove to them that although achieving their dreams may be challenging, it is worth it if it means following your passions. Hearing Paisley say that she wants to be a doctor when she grows up or Emerson say that she wants to become a veterinarian or a teacher makes me feel so excited because they already have big dreams and the potential to achieve them. Paisley would be among the first in her family to attend college and knowing that I am showing her that a higher education is obtainable means a lot to me and our family. Whether or not she decides to attend college when she is older, she will know that she is fully capable. Every time I achieve something at U of M, whether it be earning good grades, finding a job, or being accepted to a study abroad program, I think about how my sisters will grow up with the confidence that they have the ability to do so many amazing things, too. Being a student can be exhausting and at times it can be difficult to maintain motivation, but going home to visit my sisters or even just calling them helps to put me back in the right mindset. I aspire to be a role model to my sisters and every little girl by demonstrating the fact that girls are capable of achieving anything and everything they put their minds to.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?