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Elisa Peregrina shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
Growing up I had a normal and happy life that any kid could ask for, but as I had gotten more mature I realized that was not the case. The ending of my junior year really impacted and changed my life. Child protective services was called to my home reported from my school, and from one day to the next my life took a shift in another direction. For months the case remained open, and there were caseworkers in and out of my house constantly. My school's reputation was tampered with and I spent days on end in the guidance office trying to handle what I was going through emotionally on top of finals coming up. When the case finally closed, I thought it meant change for life at home. That everyone would be more open, less hostile, and we could improve as a family. Although it did seem like that for a while, but eventually it all backtracked. April 2, 2019 I left a my parents as it was the only way to fix myself. Thankfully, the only reason I was able to make a move to better my home life and mentality was due to the support of my boyfriend. We moved in together at the age of 18 into an apartment away from our hometown. This move was a drastic change, but something I definitely needed to change my perspective and give myself the life I deserve. I managed to get a new job and continuously looking for new opportunities, enrolled in a different educational path in order to get a higher education even with the changes, and learn independence. Going from little expensive to budgeting for savings, food, animals, school, and bills was a big reality check. The responsibility, determination, and independence has built, and continuing to build, real life education and experience at such a young age. Having to do this for myself makes me want to achieve more everyday to save, and show the world that I can do it despite having to go through the obstacles to get where I am and am going to go. Most people listen and don't believe the stories I have told them or being capable of living alone at 18. People constantly ask "How can you afford" type questions. My boyfriend and I work ourselves hard and will sell our souls for a paycheck in order to prove to people that its possible. While managing to pay for our education, as we have no college debt a year in. We have been to two different countries since we moved out together less than a year ago and have a trip planned for 2020 already. There is a lot of doubt that people have, especially loved ones, and that hurts the most. So what makes me want to achieve more is not only so I can have a better future than my past but also to prove that if your motivated you can make it -- despite age.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?