Miren Ivankovic | My Repsonsiblity to Teach Economics

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Miren Ivankovic shares what drives him to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
Some students that come to college are still confused about what do they want to study, what they would like to do after their studies are completed; some are not, and have a clear vision what is ahead of them. Regardless, I have a responsibility to pass onto them necessary skills, in this case, economics, so that they can benefit from the knowledge they acquired as they move forward. What drives me to my work is the responsibility to show my students the beauty of the subject and its every day applications. Through problem solving, theories and principles, but above all, through telling them the relevant stories, I hope that they will become interested and involved with the subject and that it will grow onto them. Back, when I was a student, to me, good professors were driven, passionate about their field and they could transmit that onto the students, the classroom. What drives me is to do the same, be passionate, knowledgable and communicative, so that my students can enjoy the experience and learn more. What drives me every day, is to be as prepared as I can be for those fifty minutes of the class time, and never, ever, waste that time, but rather engage everyone in the learning activity and mental challenge. The return to me is happy faces and the appreciation for the effort and the job well done.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?