Talia Williams | You Must Put in Work to Get What You Want Out of Life

Document created by Sara Jo Lee on Mar 22, 2020
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Talia Williams shares what drives her to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
Every day I wake up, even on the days I dont get to sleep because I was at work all night and then straight to classes in the morning; I question why I committed myself to this tiring life. Of course, I do it to make my family proud and be one of the few to go to college and also to be an example for my siblings and the people of all ages in my community. But why do I really do it? What drives me to achieve knowing that when all of my work is done I will feel good and be able to live freely., I realize that it is my time.to struggle, feel hopeless, have endless workdays and learn constant lessons because one day I will make an impact and hopefully spark a fire in the person whose time is next and then I will be able to have peace and live proudly. Because No matter what people claim makes the world go around the true answer is "Us".Education is my way in and what I learn and the degrees I will earn will be my platform. I want to see a beautiful productive world so I must put it in the work now. I do it so that those behind know that it is ok to work for the future of us all. So what is my quote? "Regardless of the sun is up or you still see the moon, when the alarm sounds, it is your time. Others will see you up and know what to do when their alarms sound.

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?