Nathan Wright | Our Obligation to Seize the Opportunity for Change

Document created by Sara Jo Lee on Mar 22, 2020
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Nathan Wright shares what drives him to achieve more.
My Journey to #AchieveMore
I have always had a penchant for keeping my eye on the prize and creating positive change in life. I am driven by both the opportunity and responsibility we as modern humans have to solve contemporary problems and create a better world for future generations. I have been incredibly fortuitous to enjoy countless rewarding opportunities that continue to galvanize my evolution and raise my life's trajectory. I see this all as compound interest that I continually reinvest back into my work and personal development. I have always had a curious mind and absorb as much insight as I can from all sources. However, no single person has had more significant impact on me than the CEO of Bulletproof, Dave Asprey. His passion, discipline, talent, and initiative to build a better world by purusing the limits of human performance motivate and challenge me every single day. I have adopted countless of his tactics and perspectives that have taken my work and output to levels I never thought possible. I seek to inspire others to live more fully and presently so that we can all make the most of our precious time here. The era for incredible change is now and as a collective consciousness, we must seize this opportunity. There has never been a better time to be alive than today with all the tools and technology at our fingertips. Literally, whatever you want to be or create can be done from a computer anywhere in the world and that alone should excite us all to go out and build more of the society we want to live in. I want to inspire others to realize this in themselves and take action to manifest their own dreams!

What Drives You to #AchieveMore?