Unemployment Clicker Questions

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Which of the following people is unemployed?


A) Andrea is a full-time student; she volunteers at a local food bank but is not paid.

B) Bobby quit his job to stay at home and take care of his newborn child.

C) Carrie was laid off from her previous job; so far, she has not been able to find another job in her field, although she sends out several resumes each week.

D) David works 20 hours per week at McDonald's and is not interested in increasing his hours.

E) All of the above


Which of the following people are not in the labor force?


A) Zander, a kindergarten teacher, is not working during the summer break.

B) Yvonne, a consultant, was laid off and after looking for work for a year, decided to go back to school for an MBA.

C) Xavier, an aspiring musician, can only find work playing for weddings and bar mitzvahs.

D) Wanda, an electrical engineer, was laid off and is currently searching for a new position.


Joey moved from Texas to California and took several weeks to find a new find a new job. This is ______ unemployment.


A) Frictional

B) Structural

C) Cyclical

D) Natural

E) None of the above


Deena was laid off from her construction job when the housing market crashed and she has not been able to find another job in the constuction industry. This is ____________ unemployment.


A) Seasonal

B) Cyclical

C) Frictional

D) Structural

E) Involuntary


[Discussion starter] True or false: The government should try to reduce unemployment to zero.