A Pocket Style Manual, Sixth Edition: Scavenger Hunt Answer Key

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A Pocket Style Manual, Sixth Edition



Work in pairs to explore the handbook for your composition

course. Explore key ways into the book. Find the advice you’ll

need as you write this semester.





1. __ I found the book’s main index. It starts on page 279 .


2. __ I found the brief contents. Looking at the brief contents, I see that there’s a chapter on managing information and avoiding plagiarism that starts on page 100 . I know that I’ll need section 33 to document sources in MLA style.  Sections 17 and 20 will help me with commas and quotation marks.


3. If my teacher uses number-letter codes to respond to my draft, I’ll know that 12b means I should check that I’m using correct   pronoun reference  in my paper.


4. On the top of each right-hand page, there are keywords describing what appears on the page. For “Varying sentence openings” on page 14, the keywords are ___Sentence variety__________.



ADVICE, MODELS, & PRACTICE   List section numbers or page numbers for the following:


5. An explanation of synthesis ____31c______


6. Advice about reading with an open mind            27b_______


7. Examples of good research questions         pages 88, 89 (section 25)______       


8. Suggestions for forming and supporting a thesis         pages 105-106, 164-165, 208-209____


9. How to document an article from a database in MLA style ___page 147___  


10. You should always avoid using clichés in your writing. There’s a list of common clichés on page __16__.


11. If I go to section 11a on irregular verbs, I see a reference to online exercises for practice with verbs at the bottom of page _24  _.


12. Section __15__ covers how to find and fix run-on sentences.


13. Section __19__ covers how to find and fix problems with apostrophes.


14. Page _76 _ includes a list of proper versus common nouns.


15. The checklist for global revision appears at the back of the book. Another helpful checklist


at the back of the book is about ___visiting the writing center_____________.


16. My instructor wants me to use sources that are scholarly. A two-page feature on scholarly


vs. popular sources appears on pages __96-97          __.


17. Section _ 27_ covers how to evaluate another writer’s argument.


18. Bonus:  I found more model papers online. The Web address for my book’s


companion site is __________hackerhandbooks.com/pocket_______________. I clicked on Model papers and other sample documents from the home page to get to additional sample student papers.