Integrating Multimodality: Warming up to multimodal composing

Document created by Karita dos Santos Employee on Aug 19, 2015
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Warming up to multimodal composing


Here are a few ways to start thinking about integrating multimodal composing into your work as a writer.


Reimagine and remix texts. Select a piece of writing you’ve recently produced—a grocery list, a memo to your department chair, a draft of a conference talk, or something else—and think about ways you might potentially redesign it. What if you added images? What if you added a soundtrack? What if you redeveloped it as a slideshow presentation? What if it became a short digital movie?


Identify a suitable metaphor. Think about your writing process. How do you like to write? Where do you like to write? What types of writing do you most like to do? Do you enjoy collaborating? Now imagine a soundtrack for your writing. What music would best exemplify your writing process? Imagine your writing process as scenic. What would your writing process look like? Would it look like a view of a city skyline? A field full of sword-bearing warriors clashing? A serene pond at dawn?


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Play with typefaces. In your word-processing program, create a new file. Type your name in the new file. Select your name, and change the font face. Experiment with different font faces. What do the different font faces evoke? What mood or feel do they create?


Tell a story with clipart. Visit a site that allows users to download free clipart. (Yes, yes, much clipart is pretty dated and generic, but that’s part of the fun here!) Select a clipart image of an animal, a person, a sign, and some mode of transportation. Download each image or, if you prefer, drag and drop each image into an open word-processing document. Create a story using the four images and minimal text.