Teaching with Hacker Handbooks: Topics, Strategies, and Lesson Plans, 3e

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Practical help for teaching with a handbook





Teaching with Hacker Handbooks, a collection of resources to accompany all Hacker handbooks, helps you answer the question How can I integrate a handbook into my course? Both novice and seasoned teachers who assign writing will benefit from the practical strategies and materials developed by master teachers and others in the field. And if you supervise or train new teachers, you’ll find the collection helps you provide a mentoring experience.




"This book came to me long after I began my teaching career, but it contains much of the information I learned in bits and pieces, through trial and error, and from speaking in the hallways with senior faculty between classes or at professional development activities."

—Denise Coulter, Atlantic Cape Community College


Here you will find six different topics and sixteen modules to help you as you teach your course with a Hacker handbook, LaunchPad Solo for Hacker Handbooks, or Writer's Help 2.0 for Hacker Handbooks. There are sample assignments, rubrics, and syllabi to help you. If you are looking to set up your course, the Handbook and Online Resource Charts correlate the modules to your handbook and online media, making it easier to assign exercises and LearningCurve activities based on the module you're using.




Topic 1: Planning your course and designing your syllabus


Topic 2: Engaging students and leading discussions


Topic 3: Designing effective assignments


Topic 4: Responding to students writers


Topic 5: Working with multilingual writers (teaching ESL and ELL populations)


Topic 6: Addressing writing in the disciplines




Module 1: Teaching assignment analysis


Module 2: Teaching prewriting strategies


Module 3: Teaching critical reading


Module 4: Teaching thesis statements


Teaching essay structure


Module 6: Teaching paragraphs


Module 7: Teaching introductions and conclusions


Module 8: Teaching argument and counterargument


Module 9: Teaching students to conduct research and evaluate sources


Module 10: Teaching students to integrate sources


Module 11: Teaching students to avoid plagiarism


Module 12: Teaching word choice and appropriate language


Module 13: Teaching grammar and punctuation


Module 14: Teaching with peer review


Module 15: Teaching multimodal projects


Module 16: Addressing writing in the disciplines


Handbook and Online Resources Charts


Handbook Resource Chart: The Bedford Handbook 10e


Handbook Resource Chart: Rules for Writers 8e


Handbook Resource Chart: A Writer's Reference 8e


Handbook Resource Chart: A Pocket Style Manual 7e


Handbook Resource Chart: Writer's Help 2.0 for Hacker Handbooks


Online Resource Chart: LaunchPad Solo for Hacker Handbooks


Online Resource Chart: LaunchPad Solo for Rules for Writers


Online Resource Chart: LaunchPad Solo for A Writer's Reference


Online Resource Chart: LaunchPad Solo for A Pocket Style Manual


Online Resource Chart: Writer's Help 2.0


Sample Syllabi


Syllabus 1: The Bedford Handbook, Tenth Edition, in English Composition 1010, spring semester


Syllabus 2: Rules for Writers, Eighth Edition, in College Composition and Reading, fall semester


Syllabus 3: A Writer’s Reference, Eighth Edition, in English 101, spring semester


Syllabus 4: A Pocket Style Manual, Seventh Edition, in Advanced Composition, spring semester


Syllabus 5: Writer’s Help, in Critical Reading and Writing, fall semester


Sample Assignments


Assignment 1: Workshop on Revising Paragraphs


Assignment 2: Textual Analysis


Assignment 3: Defining and Addressing Plagiarism


Assignment 4: Mechanics Workshop: Use of the Comma, Run-on Sentences, Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement, Pronoun Reference


Assignment 5: Visual Literacy and Analysis


Assignment 6: Essay 4: Writing in Your Discipline


Assignment 7: Rhetorical Analysis


Sample Rubrics


Rubric 1: Textual Analysis Assignment


Rubric 2: Visual Analysis Assignment


Rubric 3: Multimodal Composition Assignment


Rubric 4: Literary Analysis Assignment


Rubric 5: Analysis and Synthesis Essay Assignment


Rubric 6: Research Paper Assignment


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