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Faculty Consultants for Astronomy

David Patton_v2.pngName: David Patton

Department: Physics and Astronomy

School: Trent University(Canada)

Product: LaunchPad for Comins and Kaufmann Discovering the Universe

How do you use LaunchPad? I use LaunchPad to assign weekly quizzes and weekly assignments. My quizzes use randomized pooled selection from the testbank. My assignments include LearningCurve, tutorials, ImageMap and interactive exercises.

                                Advice on Using Technology with Students:  With careful selection and use of quiz questions and other content, I have found that I am able to use                                 LaunchPad to assign regular homework to students which provides regular and useful feedback to students on their performance, while also providing me with a reliable assessment of their understanding of the material.


Faculty Consultants for Biology


giffen cynthia.png

Name: Cynthia J. Giffen

Department: Comprehensive Studies Program & Department of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

School: University of Michigan; College of Literature, Science, and the Arts (MI)

Product: LaunchPad for How Life Works (Morris, et al.)

How do you use LaunchPad?  We use LaunchPad extensively for regular pre- and post-lecture quizzing. We use both the publisher-supplied questions as well as our own questions. We also use some of the Visual Synthesis Map activities & assessments, both online in LaunchPad, and adapted for in-class use.

Advice on using technology with students: It's not going to work perfectly the first time, so be a little bit flexible & willing to adjust. The vast majority of students are going to have an experience free from technical difficulties, and will appreciate your willingness to try something new, provide additional support & practice, and allow them to work at their own pace and on their own schedule.  More than anything else, technology offers me the ability to be flexible with my students: I set assessments up, and they work through them at their own pace and on their own schedule.

leady brenda.png

Name: Brenda Leady

Department: Biological Sciences

School: University of Toledo (OH)

Product: LaunchPad for How Life Works (Morris, et al.)

How do you use LaunchPad? I use LaunchPad for pre-lecture preparedness. These are straightforward questions that are not conceptually difficult. I cover only problem areas in lecture. I also use it for post-lecture/pre-exam homework. I want them to work with more difficult questions that are more like exam questions.

Advice on using technology with students: It will fail. It's OK. Don't get stressed. If you have to drop one assignment out of the term because something went wrong (your fault or not), it's not the end of the world. It happens to everyone whether they admit it or not.

LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within Blackboard

Mark Mort_v2.png

Name: Mark Mort

Department: Ecology and Evolutionary Biology

School: University of Kansas

Product: LaunchPad for How Life Works

How do you use LaunchPad?  Extensively for pre-course quizzes, distributing lecture guides prior to class, LearningCurve, and linking out to podcasts designed to review difficult concepts.

Advice on using technology with your students:  When asking students to use technology to prepare for class, it is important that in-class activities build upon what the students have done online.

Karen Smith_v3.jpg

Name: Karen Smith

Department: Microbiology and Immunology

School: University of British Columbia (Canada)

Product: LaunchPad for How Life Works (Morris, et al.)

How do you use LaunchPad? LaunchPad is critical for our learning path course design.  Each week, student are given activities and quizzes in three phases: Pre-class, In-class and Post-class.  LaunchPad provides us with a multitude of questions to draw from for our pre-class and post-class quizzes.  In addition, the popular visual synthesis maps allows us to develop and streamline in-class activities.  For our course, we have customized the LaunchPad site such that we have topic-specific items in modules.  Within a module, students can access the topics, relevant readings, learning objectives, quizzes, practice questions, animations and maps.  We also created targeted reading documents that are posted for each topic as LaunchPad can allow users to upload their own course materials. 

Advice on using technology with students: Getting students on board early by providing an easy task is a good way of introducing them to LaunchPad.  This motivates students to set up their LaunchPad access early and helps them navigate through the site.  For example, within the first week of classes, we ask students to complete an easy quiz and ask them to find the first targeted reading in the first unit module.  I think it is critical to use this type of technology throughout the term – not just intermittently.  This also reinforces that technology is an excellent way to learn!  And we also like to emphasize that technology such as LaunchPad allows students to practice and learn on their own time.  We appreciate they are busy but can contribute to their learning in a way that works for them.

LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within Blackboard


Faculty Consultants for Communication


Roskop, Deanna .jpg

Name: Deanna Roskop

Department: Speech Communication

School: Tarrant County College - Northeast Campus located in Hurst/Dallas Fort Worth area, Texas

Product: O'Hair's Real Communication with LaunchPad

How do you use LaunchPad?  Most of the students' time on LaunchPad is spent completing the Chapter Learning Curves. Students can also complete the "What About You" magazine style quizzes for extra credit.  Video explanations/examples for organization and parts of speeches are helpful, as well as completing the PRCA assessment.

Advice on using technology with students: 1) Our culture and current student demographic desire technology; not to mention, its where the education world is headed. Therefore, harness it by learning to use it in a way that will benefit both the instructor and student.  2)  I have not only seen that students will actually delve into the material now, but have also seen an increase in student retention of information with the use of technology.  3)  The use of technology (particularly the integration to the BlackBoard gradebook) has helped me as an instructor save valuable time and become more efficient.

LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within Blackboard


Faculty Consultant for College Success

Jodie Garabedian Profile Photo  

Name: Jodie Garabedian 

Department: Counseling

School: Fresno City College

Product: LaunchPad with Connections: Empowering College and Career Success

How do you use LaunchPad? Launchpad drives the flow of our class through access to online content, assignments and quizzes. We use the e-book for students to group together, investigate, and make meaning of the content. I assign a multitude of Launchpad activities and then give students the choice to engage with topics that are meaningful and applicable to their experiences and goals for growth.

Advice on using technology with students: Embrace technology, use it, and reflect with students on its effectiveness. Experiment with the structures that are provided, model access for students early and often, integrate online assignments with face-to-face instruction, and implement projects that support collaboration and deeper understanding among students.

Integration: Using LaunchPad within Canvas


Faculty Consultant for Economics


lindahl solina.png

Name: Solina Lindahl

Department: Economics

School: Cal Poly San Luis Obispo (CA)

Product: LaunchPad for Modern Principles of Economics (Cowen, Tabarrok) and LaunchPad for Economics (Krugman, Wells)

How do you use LaunchPad? I use LaunchPad for pre-lecture quizzes, weekly homeworks, posting outside material and also diagnostics and just-in-time-teaching.

Advice on using technology with students: One piece of advice: Frame (and remind often) WHY you're using technology, especially if you're using it intensively.  Also, make sure to be clear about your policies for late work, tech failures etc up front.  Make sure to walk them through the site in class; I think they know less about tech than we assume.


Faculty Consultants for English



Name:   Jill Dahlman, PhD

Department: English

School: University of Nevada, Reno (face to face); Chaminade University of Honolulu (online)

Product:   LaunchPad with A Bedford Guide for College Writers and LaunchPad Solo for Readers and Writers

How do you use LaunchPad?   I use LaunchPad as my course management system, to keep students on track with their assignments, and to help save the planet.

Advice on using technology with students:  Introduce students to technology slowly. As you incorporate each assignment, take some time out of your class to show students how to work that particular part of the platform you're working with. Help them to feel comfortable. We may think our students are tech savvy, but many of them are not, so it's important to introduce technology in a comfortable environment

Profile picture of Kimberly GeorgeName: Kimberly George
Department: English Department
School: Temple College
Product: LaunchPad for Successful College Writing (Custom)
How do you use LaunchPad? My students and I use LaunchPad’s textbook for our readings and for our discussion in class, as I project the online textbook on our classroom screen. I download chapter lectures provided for instructors and have altered them in a small way to use in class. My students also do a variety of the Learning Curve quizzes that allow them to learn at their own speed.
Advice on Using Technology with Students: Give clear instructions. Give students time before the first technology-related assignment is due. Send them to Tech Support if they have questions or issues.
LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within D2L
April Medrano ImageName: April Medrano
Department: English
School: Cal State Fullerton
Product: LaunchPad and Writer Key
How do you use LaunchPad? I use Learning Curve as an interactive online handbook for my English 99, 101, and 301 classes. I also use LaunchPad as the online platform for my online early start developmental writing course, ESE 80. I use Writer Key in all of my composition classes for peer review assignments and individual conferences.
Advice on Using Technology with Students: Macmillan provides excellent tools to help students and instructors use these digital products, like detailed instructional videos and a great customer service department with friendly and helpful technicians who can resolve issues within minutes.

Name: Tiffany Messerschmidt

Department: English

School: Polk State College (Florida)

Product: LaunchPad Solo for Literature

How do you use LaunchPad Solo for Literature? I use LaunchPad Solo for Literature to enhance my students’ understanding of literature and to allow them to practice analyzing works and making connections between texts outside of class. I also use video and audio clips to help students connect with the texts we study.

Advice on Using Technology with Students: I would recommend spending time during the first few classes to show students how to navigate Launchpad Solo for Literature. During class throughout the semester, I also recommend reviewing assigned content such as key definitions and recordings of authors reading their works during discussions.


Emily Monteiro

Name: Emily Janda Monteiro

Department: English

School: Blinn College

Product: Launchpad with Everything’s an Argument

How do you use LaunchPad?  I utilize Learning Curves, Respond writing assignments, and additional readings outside of the classroom. I also use the LP links to web examples provided in our Everything’s an Argument textbook to flesh out our lessons.  I also offer extra credit towards the end of the semester in the form of additional learning curves on Grammar skills. I really appreciate the adaptability to set assignments for individual students, as well as the email reminders I can set up for students occasionally (for the first assignment as well as the week after spring break).

Advice on Using Technology with Students:  Be very explicit with directions, and do not assume they know how to use the internet, software, or computer based items. They are fabulous with their phones, but need help understanding how to navigate AND how to translate data from one system to another; for example, reminding them that hyperlinks are not titles and often ‘break.’ Many LP assignments ask students to find pictures/pages outside of LP, and I have extended the directions to include time accessed, a brief title and description of item and location, AND hyperlink to the item. In regards to explicit directions, I often model an assignment in the classroom at the beginning of the semester, and have integrated PDFs of many of the LP help files on my LMS, so that I can direct students to a specific link and file, as well as say “go look at the help-files regarding how to ______.”

Integration: Using LaunchPad within D2L


Faculty Consultants for History


johnson kathryn.png

Name: Kathryn Johnson

Department:    History

School: Northern Michigan University (MI)

Product: LaunchPad for Ways of the World 2e (Strayer)

How do you use LaunchPad?    I use LaunchPad to create a partially flipped World History course. Students read the chapters, complete the LearningCurve assignment for each chapter, and one map quiz for each chapter before they ever come to class. In class, I often lead jig-saw activities with small groups analyzing the primary source documents we access from LaunchPad. I also encourage students to use the flashcards, summative quiz, and timeline functions in LaunchPad to help them study and review the content.

Advice on using technology with students: Take the risk of using technology because it makes your class more exciting and appealing to 21st century students!

Suzanne McCormack

Name: Suzanne McCormack

Department:    History

School: Community College of Rhode Island (RI)

Product: LaunchPad for Understanding the American Promise (Roark)

How do you use LaunchPad?    I use LaunchPad keep myself and my students organized throughout the semester. It is essential as a tool for low-stakes assessment, organizing course materials, and communication.

Advice on using technology with students: Taking the time to learn technology before presenting it to the students will greatly improve productivity throughout the semester when time is short!

Integration: Using LaunchPad within Blackboard


Faculty Consultant for Nutrition


Denise Signorelli Faculty Consultant for NutritionName: Denise Signorelli

Department: Biology

School: College of Southern Nevada

Product: LaunchPad for Pope's Scientific American's Nutrition for a Changing World

How do you use LaunchPad? The students have multiple assignments each week in Launchpad that accompany the chapter we cover.  We use the Launchpad activities to help them analyze their diets using MyPlate.

Advice on Using Technology with Students: Students love immediate answers (grading) to their assignments.  Most of them are so good at running this program even on their tiny screen phones it is simple to get them to comply.  I use a variety of assignments from Launchpad depending on what topics I emphasize in class. 

Integration: Using LaunchPad within Canvas

Faculty Consultants for Psychology


christner-lile donna.png

Name: Donna Christner-Lile

Department: Psychology and Sociology

School: Ohlone College (CA)

Product: LaunchPad for Psychology (Hockenbury, 6th ed., DSM-5 Update)

How do you use LaunchPad?  I use all the chapter assessments, and make them due the day I present the chapter. I place 70% of their grade on the work done in LaunchPad. I also love the gradebook, and the time keeper so I know how much time they use LaunchPad. I use PowerPoints, but I enhance them with more of my own materials. I add resource material for their research papers, and the syllabus on the home page.

Advice on using technology with students: I make sure to impress upon the student that I can't take care of any of their technical problems, they have to call tech support. Typically they e-mail me first, and I have to keep reminding them to call Tech Support.

fischer tom.png

Name: Tom Fischer

Department: Pyschology

School: Wayne State University (MI)

Product: LaunchPad for Introducing Psychology with Updates on DSM-5 (Schacter, Gilbert, Wegner, Nock)

How do you use LaunchPad? Students are required to complete selected LearningCurve exercises for course points. Exercises are worth close to 25% of total course points.

Advice on using technology with students: Students need to be told and fully understand how the technology will improve their success in the course.

gilliland sandra.png

Name: Sandra Gilliland

Department: Psychology (Behavioral and Social Sciences)

School: Louisiana State University at Alexandria (LA)

Product: LaunchPad for Exploring Psychology, 9th ed. DSM-5 Update (Myers)

How do you use LaunchPad? Currently I use LaunchPad in both my online Introduction to Psychology class as well as my traditional class. In my online class, LaunchPad is a primary component in the class. Students are able to access their notes and required discussions in LaunchPad. In addition, I require students to take the LearningCurve activity for each section of material we are covering and use the summative quizzes to prepare for exam. Additionally, I am using LaunchPad to administer all of the exams in my online class. Creating exams in LaunchPad is EASY and effective! LaunchPad utilizes robust question banks that allow me to ensure that students are not receiving the same questions.

In my traditional classroom I am using LaunchPad as a supplement to my lectures. I require students to complete the LearningCurve activities the day before I start lecturing on that chapter. This ensures students come prepared for class discussions. In addition, before the exam I require the students to take the summative quizzes to ensure they are preparing for the exam.

Advice on using technology with students: If you have never used these types of products before, try starting off by only requiring a few items and getting student feedback. As your comfort with the product grows, you will find the best ways to support your existing curriculum and teaching style!

LMS Integration: Using LaunchPad within Moodle

glazier jake.png

Name: Jake Glazier

Department: Psychology

School: University of West Georgia (GA)

Product: LaunchPad for Introduction to Psychology (Myers, et al.) and LaunchPad for Invitation to the Lifespan (Berger, et al.)

How do you use LaunchPad? I have used LaunchPad as a supplement to my brick-and-mortar courses as well as my fully online courses. I am gradually integrating all of the content that, in the past, I posted in my University's regular LMS platform onto LaunchPad so that students will have one place to access the entire course.

Advice on using technology with students: Don't be afraid to experiment and take risks while staying educated. My experience has been that if students find the new technology too confusing or complex, they will voice that concern. Also, I try and stay up-to-date on the latest innovations in technology in order to give my students the best pedagogical experience but also simply because I really enjoy learning about new tools.

Integration: Using LaunchPad within D2L


Name: Brad McDowell

Department: Psychology

School: Madison College

Product: LaunchPad for Myers' Psychology in Modules, 10e

How do you use LaunchPad? I currently use Lauchpad in the delivery of my online Intro Psych Courses.  I have also the technology in the delivery of face-to-face classes.

Advice on using technology with students: Be willing to jump in and give it a try.  Using any form of technology means "playing" around with it until you become familiar with it and how it can work best for you.


Name: Christopher Dyszelski, Ph.D.

Department: Psychology

School: Madison Area Technical College

Product: Launchpad for Schacter, Wegner, Gilbert and Nock's Psychology, 3e

How do you use LaunchPad? Having made the transition from the PsychPortal to LaunchPad, I first started with using it as a component of my face-to-face class, having them complete Learning Curve and some of the other activities before we start the chapter and using them as a rough gauge of topics we may need to cover in more depth, explain more, or elaborate on. I use it also for testing in that venue. This semester I am continuing to use it for my face-to-face class as well as using for a completely online class as our primary site for the coursework including preparatory work (Learning Curve and activities), Assignments, Discussion Board and testing.

Advice on Using Technology with Students: Start slow and take the time to build your comfort and theirs with the technology, with your organizational structure, and in building the culture and community of your class. Be playful with it and explore, trying out a tool feature or different way of implementing it that you hadn't before. As you get more comfortable with it, push the boundaries to see what innovations you can imagine. Listen to them about it and garner and utilize their feedback.


Name:  Benjamin M. White

Department: Social Sciences

School:  Blinn College (TX)

Product: Launch Pad for Greenberg's Social Psychology and LaunchPad for Scientific American: Psychology

How do you useLaunchPad? I utilize LaunchPad for three purposes: to help prepare students for lecture and discussion in class; to keep them engaging with the material between classes; and to help them self-assess their knowledge before an exam. I mainly teach traditional courses and use LaunchPad as a way for students to test their knowledge and receive feedback in a timely manner so they can better learn to prepare for exams in my class and build better study habits across the board.

Advice on using technology with students: Despite having some of the latest technology, some students may be shy about accessing and using various new features and products. The best advice I can give is to show the students exactly how and why the technology will directly benefit them. If they can see the value in the technology, they are more likely to embrace it and use it to scaffold their learning experience in the classroom.

Integration: Using LaunchPad within D2L

a henderson.jpg

Name: Antonia J.Z. Henderson, Ph.D.

Department:  Department of Psychology

School:  Langara College, Vancouver, BC, Canada

Product:      LaunchPad for Myers, Psychology, 11e; LaunchPad for Comer, Fundamentals of Abnormal Behavior, 7e; and LaunchPad for Berger, The Developing Person through Childhood and Adolescence, DSM-5, 9e.

How do you use LaunchPad?     I encourage students to actively question assertions about behavior and mental processes and the existing paradigms of psychology, as well as their own personal assumptions, based on a firm grounding of scientific principles. LaunchPad's interactive platform gives me a wealth of materials to accomplish this goal. All of my courses are Mixed Mode - 50% in the classroom and 50% online, and all online activities happen through LaunchPad. I use a full range of activities including "Learning Curves", "How Would You Know", "Concept Practice", and "Video Activities". I also use LaunchPad as a base to link students to resources outside of LaunchPad such as TED Talks, CBC podcasts, Scientific American Mind readings and so on. The possibilities are limitless!

Advice on using technology with students: I train my students from day 1 to make use of LaunchPad's great tech support team. I make the tech support phone number visible everywhere I can think of and include this preamble in my syllabus:  "Unlike courses you have taken in the past where texts, supplementary reading, handouts and other study materials are provided, here you will be accessing these materials and completing assigned activities on your own. This model of learning is challenging. Sometimes a "click" does not produce the desired result. SH#$$@$^&&*%T happens. However, this too is part of your learning. Just as the working world challenges us to do our own problem solving and not run to our employer whenever the photocopier malfunctions, so too in this online environment, you will be required to solve the inevitable glitches of technology. Fortunately, LaunchPad comes with a tremendous support team who are there to help you at almost any hour. Use them".