Class Activity: Where Do You Get Your News?

Document created by Catherine Burgess Employee on Mar 31, 2016
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Goal: to allow students to analyze their news consumption habits and the effects of online news.


Time: 30 minutes


1. Ask students to make a list that breaks down their own news consumer habits: What percentage of their news comes from television, radio, mainstream newspapers and magazines, alternative publications, original online reporting, electronic news aggregators (Google, Apple, etc.) or “other”?


2. Divide the class into groups of three or four, and ask students to combine their results into an average.


3. Have the groups report their results and come up with some kind of class average. The trend is that younger citizens are much more likely to get their news from electronic sources. Do your students mirror that trend? Why or why not?


4. Facilitate a class discussion with the following questions: What are the broad ramifications of news increasingly moving online? Given the inadequacy of the advertising revenue model, what are journalists to do? Is journalism as we know it doomed?