Video Assignment: Teaching Styles

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Video title: Boring Economics Teacher      

Topic(s): When learning styles and teaching styles conflict

Search terms: boring economics teacher Ferris

Time (of video): 1:14

Posted by: angelabroz87

Date posted: February 7, 2010


Video description: Ben Stein plays an economics teacher in the 1980’s classic film, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. How would you do in his class?


Question/writing prompt to discuss: Instructors tend to teach in ways that fit their own learning styles.  What teaching style is being used in this economics class? How do the students react?


In-class activity:


Adjusting Learning Styles Objective: Students appreciate the benefits of a good fit between learning and teaching styles.


Show the video and get students thinking about teaching styles.

    1. How could a student learn about teaching styles of a particular instructor prior to taking a class?
    2. In some cases, no alternative to a particular instructor might be available. How can students make adjustments to their learning styles to handle a conflict with an instructor’s teaching style?
    3. Emphasize the value of a student being flexible in a less-than-ideal class situation. What benefits might result from such flexibility?