Video Assignment: Procrastination

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Video title: time management Rock Video

Topic(s): Time management, procrastination

Search terms: video time management rock video

Time (of video): 3:56

Posted by: rneidertjatc26

Date posted: August 29, 2012


Video description: When is the jar full? Watch as rocks, pebbles, sand, and, finally, water take a jar from empty to full. The jar is analogous to the time in your life. The elements in the jar represent all the stuff you put into your day.


Question/writing prompt to discuss: The “rock jar” concept is designed to make you think about how you spend your time. Describe what the metaphor means to you, your life, and how you spend your time.


In-class activity: 


Reenactment Objective: Students apply the metaphor of the “rock jar” to their lives and commitments.


Show the video, then deconstruct the concept in class.

      1. Have students identify what each element could represent. Answers will likely vary widely.
      2. Perform the “experiment,” changing the order in which you add the elements. Let students see what happens when the water or sand is added before the rocks or pebbles.
      3. Ask what motivates us to add the water before the rocks, metaphorically speaking.
      4. Ask students how they can transform rocks (e.g., projects, papers, exams) into pebbles or sand.