Video Assignment: Critical Thinking and Creativity

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Video title: Apple Think Different ad (1997)

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Topic(s): Creativity

Time (of video): 1:01

Posted by: EveryAppleAd

Date posted: October 18, 2012


Video description: How is the world changed? It is changed by creative geniuses who dare to think different. An Apple commercial features some creative thinkers who have changed our world.


Question/writing prompt: The end of this Apple commercial describes the individuals in the video as examples of genius. What are three negative terms from the video used to describe those same people? Why are people like those featured in the commercial sometimes viewed in a negative light?


In-class activities: 

1. Thinking Differently Is Not Easy to Do Objective: Students learn the importance of creativity.


Students will consider how we are socialized to fit in with those around us.

    1. Replay the video, and ask students to share something about an individual in their lives who encouraged them to think differently.
    2. How do students unleash their own creativity?
    3. Can students recognize how creativity, like that described in the video, is both a positive and a negative?


2. Group Problem Solving Objective: Students learn to use creativity in problem solving.


  1. Break the class into small groups. Give each group a task or a problem to solve. Each group should be working on the same task or problem.
  2. Have each group present its solution, and then ask the class to decide which solution is the most creative.
  3. Discuss the importance of creativity in society.


Note: This activity will take some advanced planning.