Video Assignment: Failing a Test

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Video title: Failing a Test

Topic(s): Test taking, test anxiety

Search terms: video failing a test

Time (of video): 2:40 (watch from beginning until 1:50)

Posted by: CollegeHumor

Date posted: October 20, 2008


Video description: A humorous look at how test anxiety feels for someone who has not prepared for an exam.


Question/writing prompt to discuss: Name and describe one thought the student has during the test that you have also experienced.


In-class activities:


1. Test-Taking Tips Objective: Students apply test-taking tips.

Show the video from the beginning to 1:50.

    1. Direct students to their textbook to find test-taking tips.
    2. Ask how they could help the anxious and underprepared student in the video prepare for his exam using these tips.


2. Bouncing Back Objective: Students learn what to do after performing poorly on an assessment.

Show the video from the beginning to 1:50.  Ask students the following questions:

    • Have you ever felt like this student?
    • What do you do to recover from doing poorly (or worse than you expected) on an exam or paper?
    • How does a poor grade affect you next time you have to take a test or write a paper?