Video Assignment: Obama Speech

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Video title: The Speech that Made Obama President

Time (of video): 6:13

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Date posted: August 30, 2012


Video description: Great public speakers can motivate their audiences.  Watch the speech from the 2004 Democratic National Convention, and listen to experts talk about what made it great.


Question/writing prompt to discuss or paste into discussion board/Video Tools: What made President Obama’s speech so memorable? 


In-class activity:

A Powerful Speech Objective: Students explore why a speech is motivational.

Discuss the power of this speech. The experts discuss the power of this speech throughout the video and why it was so motivational.

    1. First, walk students through the political atmosphere in 2004. (The video briefly describes this at 1:31.)
    2. Show the speech, stopping at various points to discuss with students why it was so effective at uniting a party and, ultimately, getting Obama to the White House:
      • 1:31-2:59–“Finding common ground.” How did this portion of the speech pull people together?
      • 3:00–4:10–What is it about Obama’s technique that makes this speech so effective?
      • 4:10–4:30–What role do Obama’s gestures play in this speech? Why doesn’t he use them as much in the speeches he gives as President?
      • 5:22–end–What was the effect of this speech?