Video Assignment: Online Communication

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Video title: Ellen's on Your Facebook!

Topic(s):Online communication, communicating in a digital age

Search terms: Ellen's on your facebook

Time (of video): 3:04

Posted by: TheEllenShow

Date posted: March 1, 2012


Video description: Ellen digs into her audience members’ Facebook pages and reveals embarrassing pictures on air.


Question/writing prompt to discuss: What have you put online that you wouldn’t want revealed on national television?


In-class activities: 


1. You Posted That? Objective: Students experience the lack of privacy on social media.

Increase awareness of what is on students’ social media sites and who can see it. 

    1. Look up a few students’ social media accounts in class, as Ellen did in this video clip. (Check with a few students ahead of time to make sure they are comfortable with you using them as examples for this exercise.) Show them what their parents, instructors, and current and future employers can see.
    2. Discuss the privacy (or lack of privacy) on social media accounts.
    3. Ask students if they plan to make changes to their privacy settings and to what they post.


2. Communicating Online Objective: Students learn how to communicate online.

Encourage students to develop “best practices” for online communication and social media.

    1. List all modes of online communication (including texting). You might be surprised by the modes of communication your students are using that you have never heard of before.
    2. Provide examples of what should and should not be communicated through each medium. Invite students to share their personal views on this.