Video Assignment: Nutrition

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Video title: The Freshman 15

Topic(s): Wellness, nutrition, exercise

Search terms: video the freshman 15 college humor

Time (of video): 3:28

Posted by: CollegeHumor

Date posted: October 8, 2009


Video description: A humorous song about the weight gain referred to as the “freshman 15.”


Question/writing prompt to discuss or paste into discussion board/Video Tools: What steps have you taken to be healthy while in college?


In-class activities: 

1. Guest Speaker Objective: Students learn about health and wellness.

Invite someone from the wellness center to talk about nutrition and exercise in college.


2. Journaling Objective: Students evaluate their own nutrition and exercise.

Have students keep a journal for a week noting everything they eat and drink and tracking their physical activity. 

    1. Students bring their journals to class and share what they found to be noteworthy.
    2. Students brainstorm ways to make positive behavior changes for wellness.