Video Assignment: Financial Aid

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Video title: Federal Student Aid -- Myths About Financial Aid

Topic(s): Financial aid

Search terms: video federal student aid myths

Time (of video): 2:56

Posted by: FederalStudentAid                                                                                            

Date posted: April 3, 2013


Video description: Five myths about financial aid are debunked.


Question/writing prompt to discuss: Choose one of the myths presented, and describe why it has evolved as a myth that many people believe.


In-class activities: 


1. Review of Common Myths Objective: Students learn to distinguish between myths and facts about federal student aid.

 Go over each myth in class and ask students to share what they have heard about federal aid. 


2. Guest speaker Objective: Students explore financial aid with an expert.

Invite a representative from the financial aid office to class to answer students’ questions and address their concerns about getting and/or keeping financial aid.