How do I write or edit a quiz question?

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How do I write or edit a quiz question?

Even if you are working with a pre-made quiz, you can manually create and edit questions within that quiz.

Note: This article focuses on editing the text of a question stem and/or answer choices. If you wish to do more advanced formatting, such as adding images to questions, see the help article How do I add an image to a quiz question?.

From your assignments unit page

Open the assignment unit that contains the quiz you want to edit. Click on the Quiz to open it.

From your assignments unit page

Click Edit

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Create New Question

Click Create New Question to start writing a question.
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Select question type

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1. Multiple Choice

First type out your question, then hit the Enter key for each answer choice that you want to add (every time you press Enter, a bubble for an answer choice will appear). Mark the correct answer and click Save.

Note: The system does not label answer choices A B C D. You will need to add those labels in yourself. Click the lock icon next to an answer choice to make sure it always appears in that position.
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2. Essay

Enter your question and click Save.
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3. Multiple Select

Follows the same instructions as Multiple Choice, but you can mark more than one answer choice as correct.
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4. Fill in the blank

Type out your fill in the blank statement, using three or more underscores (___) to create a blank.

Click in the answer field to type in the answer. Press Enter to confirm you have typed the complete answer.

When you're finished, click Save.
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You can also create fill in the blanks with more than one blank and/or more than one answer per blank. Press Enter after each answer, then press Enter again to type answers for the second blank.
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5. Matching

Type in some instructions for your students, then enter the correctly matched terms.

When you are finished, click Save.
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This is how the question will appear to your students:
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Edit a question

To edit a question, click the Edit link next to the question.

You can edit questions you've created as well as those provided in your course.
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When you are finished editing, click Save.
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Click Done Editing

When you are finished editing your quiz, click Done Editing at the top left of the page.
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