How to change Assignment Settings for a Single Student

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You can adjust assignment settings for a single student or groups of students. Examples of settings you may want to change include:

  • Due date, such as giving a due date extension. You can grant due date extensions for all assignment types.
  • Time limit, such as giving disabled students extra time to complete an assignment. The time limit setting is available only for the quiz assignment type.
  • Number of attempts, such as giving a group of students a chance to redo their work. The number of attempts setting is available only for the quiz assignment type.

NOTE about Assignment Settings: If you check "Hide grade from student until due date has passed," your students will not have access to their grades until the due date passes. This can sometimes confuse students who expect to see their grades immediately after submitting their answers. WE RECOMMEND that if you choose this setting you ALERT your students so they know what to expect. 

Note: Some of these features may not be available if your version of LaunchPad arranges your icons horizontally across the top of the screen (as opposed to vertically down the left side of your screen). For an explanation of the difference, see the help article How do I navigate LaunchPad?.

Step 1

To alter the settings for an assignment, from your LaunchPad home page, either click on the assignment title to open it or hover your cursor over the More Options menu and select Edit.


Step 2

From the Basic Info screen, select Assignment.


Step 3

At the top of the page, there will be a drop-down menu that says “Settings for.” If this is the first time you are editing an assignment for this individual, select “Add Individual.” A window will appear that allows you to search/type in student names from your roster. The student will now appear as an option in the list.

*Please note that the individual will not be automatically selected in the drop-down menu. You will need to select the individual in the drop-down menu to apply the settings (see Step 4).



Step 4

To change the assignment due date for your student, use the "Settings for:" dropdown under the “Assignment” tab.



Step 5

Use the “Settings” tab to adjust time limit, number of attempts, etc., making sure that "Settings for:" is still set to the individual student.



Step 6

Once you have selected your desired settings, click “Assign” at the bottom of the page.


Step 7

Your assignment will now appear for the individual student with the settings you have selected.


Step 8

You may also view assignments that are unique to a single student or a group of students on the assignment calendar.


By default, your assignment calendar will show you all the assignments in your course. For assignments that are unique to a student or group, you will see these items include an “info” icon. Clicking on the item itself will show you the student or group to which the item is assigned as well as the unique due date.


You can also filter your view of the calendar so that you only see assignments for specific groups or students in your course. To select a particular student or group, use the “Schedule for” drop-down menu in header of the assignment calendar.