I'm having trouble finding my instructor's course. What can I do?

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Check your email and, if your instructor's using it, your course space in your campus course management system for instructions on accessing your course. If your instructor distributed instructions, they will likely contain your course's unique URL, which is the most surefire way of landing in the right place.

If your instructor hasn't sent out instructions, follow the steps below.


Find Your LaunchPad

From the LaunchPad home page launchpadworks.com, click the Find Your LaunchPad button under Students.

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Search for your title

Search for your product title by typing in the textbook title or the last name of the author. An easy way to confirm if you're starting from the right place is to compare the picture of the book cover on the LaunchPad page with the cover of your printed book. If you're not using a printed book, locate the title/author/edition of the book on your course syllabus and compare this to the title/author/edition of the textbook on the LaunchPad page.

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Click Find My Course

Now that you've found your LaunchPad title, click Find my course to the right of it.

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Select your instructor's course

To find your instructor's course within all the available courses:
  1.  Make sure the correct Academic Term is selected.
  2.  Select your school name from the dropdown menu.

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Filter by Instructor

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Click Join LaunchPad

When you've found your instructor's course, click Join LaunchPad.

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If you can't find instructions for joining your course:

Ask your instructor for help. The course may not have opened for student registration yet.