I'm in the wrong course. How do I get into the correct one?

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There are several ways you might find yourself in the wrong course.

You might:

  • be in your previous instructor's course;
  • have accidentally registered into the wrong course;
  • be in one of our generic (instructor-less) courses.

If you are in the wrong course, you can switch into the correct one by following the instructions below.


From your home page, click on the drop-down menu in the top right-hand corner of the page and select Switch Course Enrollment

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Scroll through the list or begin a search to narrow down the titles

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Click "Find My Course" next to the title that corresponds to your course

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Select your instructor's course

To find your instructor's course within all the available courses:
  1.  Make sure the correct Academic Term is selected.
  2.  Select your school name from the dropdown menu.

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Filter by Instructor

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Click Join LaunchPad

When you've found your instructor's course, click Join LaunchPad.

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From here you will have three options for accessing your course.

  1. Enter your access code
  2. Purchase access online
  3. Get temporary free trial access
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