Why did I get this question wrong?

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Common student errors:



  • Make sure you follow any special instructions given in the question. Some questions may ask for: a certain number of significant figures, the states of matter in a chemical formula, etc.
  • Make sure you have answered every part of the question. Some questions have more than one part. You must answer every part of the question correctly when you click "Check Answer" to receive full credit.

Text Entry:

  • Make sure your spelling is correct. Incorrectly spelled answers will always be graded incorrect.

Equation Entry (Chemistry):

  • If there are rules about the case of letters in your answer, make sure your answer is capitalized correctly. (For example, "CO" is carbon monoxide, which is not the same thing as "Co" cobalt.)
  • Make sure you follow subscript and superscript rules. (For example, when written correctly, the formula for water should appear as H2not H2O.)
  • Make sure you have not used zero in place of an "o" or vice-verse. (For example, when written correctly, the formula for water should appear as H2not H20.)

Equation Entry (Math):

  • Answers are case-sensitive. For example, "A" will be graded differently than "a".
  • If there are multiple terms in the denominator of a fraction, you may need to enclose the entire denominator in parentheses. For example x/(y+z) is not the same as x/y+z. Alternatively, you can omit the parentheses by using a stacked fraction.
  • Make sure you have rounded correctly.
  • Multiple select questions may have more than one correct choice, you must select all of the correct choicess to receive credit.
  • Some labels may be used more than once. You must use each label as many times as necessary to identify the parts of the module correctly and receive credit.