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The Bar Graph Module is meant for static display of data. It has no interactivity for students and cannot be used for graded input. To add a static bar graph, click bar graph icon, then click the area on the question tab where you want your graph to be.

You have three choices for the style of your graph: normal, grouped, and stacked. Select one.

Next click the words "Add datapoints." This will bring up a list of tools.

Bar Properties:

  1. Use the "Label" section to type in how you would like the bar to be labeled.
  2. Use the "Amount" section to enter the value for the bar.
  3. Select the color of the bar.
  4. To add the next bar click "Add New Bar."
  5. To select a different bar click on the bar you wish to change on the graph.

Graph Properties:

  1. Select the bar you wish to change by clicking on it on the graph.
  2. Use "Bar alpha" to make the bar more or less opaque.
  3. Use "Bar width" to make the bar wider or narrower.
  4. If you choose to use either the "Grouped" or "Stacked" graph styles, you will also have the option of adding or removing groups under the graph properties section.

*By clicking revert  you can remove changes made to the module in the current tab.*