How do I run labs?

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From the Assignments page, you can launch your virtual labs.

Start and due dates

When your teacher assigns a lab, they may create a start date and due date. A lab is only available between these dates, starting and ending on them, respectively. It is unavailable outside of this time period.

If you see Always Available in the due date area, it means no dates have been assigned and the lab can be run throughout the semester .

If a lab is available, the lab title link will be green and responsive when you mouse over it.

If a lab is unavailable, the lab title link will be gray and disabled.

Running a lab

  1. Click the lab title - Your lab should load in a few seconds in the same tab.
  2. Click the cover of the lab manual
  3. Read the Background tab
  4. Click the Procedures tab - Follow these steps to successfully perform the experiments.
  5. Click the Lab Notes button to record your data and observations
  6. Remember to save these notes before exiting the lab
  7. Click Exit Lab when finished

If you're in the middle of an experiment or reaction, you will want to finish up before exiting. When you reenter the lab after exiting you will restart it with a clear lab bench.