Grading Policies

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Your instructor can customize how each assignment is graded. Within an assignment, the grading policies are listed in the Resources panel on the right side. Specifically, you will be told:

  • Whether you can check answer, and if not, when you’ll be able to see whether your answers are correct.
  • When you’ll be able to see solutions.
  • In cases where you can check answer, it also indicates how many tries you have on each question, and what the penalty is for incorrect attempts.

Here are some example grading policies.

Example grading policies

Important notes

  • Partial Credit: Each successfully answered part within a question contributes points toward your assignment score.
  • Hints: A hint is located in the bottom panel of each question. You do not lose any points for viewing the hint.
  • Tutorials: Some difficult questions contain tutorials, groups of questions to help you answer the original question. Viewing and answering the tutorial steps will not cost you any points, regardless of whether you get them correct or incorrect.
  • Significant Figures: You will not be graded on the number of significant figures in numeric answers (unless the question specifies that you must include the proper number of significant figures). In general, you just need to be within a certain tolerance (usually 2%) of the correct answer. To prevent errors, do not round off answers at each intermediate step of your calculations. Instead, keep all the digits until the very end, and even then, it is better to keep too many digits than too few. For more information about significant figures, see the help article Significant Figures.
  • Saved Work: Within an assignment, all of your responses are saved every time you click Check Answer. If your assignment does not have a Check Answer button, your work will be saved each time you click Next, Previous, or otherwise navigate to another question.
  • Reporting to Gradebook: Your score in the gradebook is updated every time you click Check Answer. For more information, see the help article Grades.