What can I do if a student tries to register and gets an error message? (ADMINISTRATORS ONLY)

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If a student tries to log in and gets an error, follow the instructions below. Click Administrator Links, Click Manage Accounts, Locate the user by the information you have (email (account) or last name is usually easiest), Click Filter

Click "Manage Accounts" from the "Administrator Links" dropdown menu

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Enter student information into the filter option and click "filter"

Locating students using their email account or last name is usually easiest.

Note that a student’s “account” is the email address that they signed up with which may be different than the email they use to communicate with an agent.

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Student accounts should look like this:

Checks should appear for Active account and Can enroll.

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If their account is "locked" or "inactive," click Manage Account

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Click Edit Account

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Check or uncheck the appropriate boxes so that the only boxes checked are “User’s account is active” and “User can enroll”

Click "Save"

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