What can I do to help ensure my students enroll in the correct course?

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Here are a few best practices you can employ to help make sure registration is easy for your students.

Name your course using section number, days and times

When naming a course, whether it's a branch of a master or an independent copy, include your name, the course number, the section number, and the days and times your class meets. Doing so will help students identify the course they should be in.


Avoid student confusion

If you don't name each of your courses something distinctive, it can get confusing for your students when they're registering.

The example below shows what a student might see while trying to register for a section of a course. Note here that the instructor gave all the courses the same name.


Activate courses you're teaching with / Deactivate courses you're not teaching with

If a course is active, students can register in it. You'll make it easier for your students and yourself if you activate only the courses that you want students to enroll in.

You should also re-name and deactivate courses from previous semesters.


Give students your course URL

Each course that you activate, including each branch of a master, has a unique URL. Give the correct URL, along with information on registering a code, purchasing access, or signing up for free trial access, to each of your sections. If you're not sure where to find these instructions, click View Activation Message for each course on your dashboard.


Copy and paste Course Activated message


Don't activate a master course

If you're using a master course as a place to push changes to your branches, and you don't want students to enroll in the master, don't activate it. Activate only the branches and send your students from each section the appropriate course URL and enrollment instructions.

Notice in the example below that the master has not been activated.